Anduril 2 UI diagrams (generic, Lumintop, Sofirn)

I actually know how to program in C and assembler but I still find this map intimidating.

I agree. Much prefer the straight text version.

Does anyone know the simplest way to tell Anduril from Anduril 2 running Adv UI? There's so much overlap, it's hard to tell, at least in the simplest way.

omg, a phone app would be handy

Yea, I want a phone app that has a DB of my lights, including mods - what UI, what LED(s), batt requirements, etc.

I would need simple, powerful searching and records of full mod details, test results, specs from manufacturer, etc.

Often thought of developing it, but lots to learn - definitely not a cloud/phone app guy, though I should be!

Ohh - then of course, it should be sharable - I share my DB, you share yours, etc., either full public or specific users.

Should start it open source, maybe have a few contributors, etc. Problem may be the tech/tools used - everyone has their own prefs...

You can always save the PDF to your phone. How is the app gonna help you?

I’m probably not understanding your question, but if trying to determine which version is on a particular light your handling, 2C to turbo from off isn’t viable with AN-2 (without programming it as ramp ceiling).

Ok, I got 200+ lights. So managing 200+ PDF's is not an option, specially when the manufacturer's PDF's don't help on a modded light.

So picking one up, how do I know what it's running? I can't remember... So, one way I think is 15C for the rev #'s. The method has to be not effected by config setting changes.

I got NarsilM, Anduril, and Anduril2 - NarsilM is easy to tell, but telling Anduril from Anduril 2 is more subtle.

there are a few details in the Anduril 2 flow chart, that are not quite the same in the FWAA… for example, in the mode menu, there are three separate single flashes, not single, double, triple

here is my version of the FWAA flow chart:

fwiw, the Anduril 2 Manual instructions are also slightly different than the FWAA version of Anduril 2. For example, in the FWAA the thermal config comes after the beacon, not after the batt check… the flow chart Im posting has that corrected. I hid the 2C to Turbo command, under a blue box. That command does not work in the Anduril 2 FWAA (with an exception, that IF I first ramp to ceiling in advanced, then 2C will give 150/150… this is all very inconsistent)

OK, so an app that has a flashlight database.

Great ides but whoever takes this on would have to pickup advertising $$ from companies like Nitecore and Fenix.

Can definitely work.

here is a thread that attempts to create such a listing

my personal solution, is to NOT own lights with wildly different multiclick UIs…

for me, the Rotary UI is the one UI to Rule them All… LOL!
I never forget how to use it, and I never need to refer to a manual.

Multi Click UIs such as Anduril, and HDS clicky, are just for passtimes for my entertainment.

I have a love hate relationship with Andruil. I think it gave our light features that were otherwise not possible. This all come at the cost of a steep learning curve. Personally, if I like a light (like most convoy’s,) I don’t care of it has a proprietary UI. One of the most highly regarded lights is the Zebralight and the interface is proprietary. Its also kind of weird.

I've been staying away from Convoys lately - most are power switches which I think are outdated, but do have a simple UI. For e-switches, I did buy the 3X21A w/SFT-40's but his ramping is linear: too fast on the low end, too slow on the high end, and doesn't allow you to ramp up from the lowest setting, so if your last used level is max, and you want to come on lower, your only choices is get blasted by max or go in a limited lowest moon level. It's almost there but not quite. He also amp limited this light to about 17 amps - ok for novices but I would want 20-24 amp capability on short bursts with these LED's.

I'm working on an Anduril 2 mod for this light now, but he's got the charging circuit intermingled with the LED driver circuit, so not sure I can keep the charging in tact.

Arguably, the best UI is one that you can figure out without a manual. When you sit down with Microsoft Word, if you need a function you have never used, most likely you can figure it out in a few minutes, even without Google. Microsoft spends millions of dollars in usability labs to do things like this.

Andrul missed the mark big time when it comes to this goal.

This is one of my issues with Anduril, in that there are significant differences between lights (such as ramp floor/ceiling levels, turbo on/off in Simple UI, differences to strobe options), yet manufacturers who sell lights with Anduril don’t document these changes with specific instructions or flow charts.

Yea that pretty much sucks. Imagine if in each of the 50 states one inch was a different length. Not good man.

> one of my issues with Anduril, in that there are significant differences between lights

I agree, but, were being too rational

Anduril caught on like wildfire because its got FET Powa!
and blinkies
and aux lights
and lighted buttons
and fancy metals
and high CRI LEDs…
and multi click command manuals :wink:

gotta take the good w the bad… LOL

Even Microsoft can't perform miracles w/1000 software engineers for a UI that has one button. Let's be reasonable. I'd love to have 3-4 buttons or so, and a LED display panel, that's about the best we can do with controls, and using a phone or desktop app to display and configure settings would be a big plus.

I agree, a 101 keyboard and dual monitors would be ideal. Lol

Well, it's been done before BT or other short range wireless, but the light got huge and expensive. Dunno, maybe it can be done better now. It's still possible to configure via the main LED - yes, a LED can be an input device, not just output, so we can detect light sequences coming in from the LED -- that's a low cost way for sure. I proposed the idea, then a little research found there's flashlights on the market that do this, and TK even fiddled with testing it, but not sure it was reliable and stable enough.