Anduril 2 UI diagrams (generic, Lumintop, Sofirn)

In helping out TexasToasted with a Anduril 2 config problem, here:, I realized the UI diagram could clarify this a little better:

Release 7H after double flash (ceiling level)

Release 7H after triple flash (# of steps, stepped mode only)

I would call that second flash or third flash because that's what they really are. It's not a quick double/triple flash, it's one flash per setting, pauses between the flashes.

agree, I updated my copy of the flowchart for my FWAA:
(removed strobe, 3H from On, aux light and switch lights, because they not exist in FWAA)

I tried the download but to me it says the file doesn't exist, check URL.

Thank you Tom E and jon_slider. I had the same issue with the 10H memory configuration menu. Now that I understand double flash means the second flash, I am able to set, or disable, the memory timer. I think I have everything just the way I want now.

Sorry if caused any confusion about these flashes in my UI diagram. I will incorporate Tom E‘s suggestions a.s.a.p..

No need to be sorry, the difference is subtle. It's extremely hard to be descriptive in as few words as possible so to fit -- it's crazy!

I dunno, I find this chart very useful and covers pretty much everything in a complex UI.

I'm giving it the ultimate test. I gave a friend at work a BLF Q8 running Anduril 2, and gave him this UI chart, jon_slider's version from above, and a slightly tweaked version of TK's manual in txt format. He's a Physical Therapist instructor/trainer so I'll see how it goes.

Thanks a lot for your help, Tom E. :THUMBS-UP:

I have just uploaded revised UI diagrams for the generic Andúril 2 as well as for Lumintop FWAA, Sofirn SP36/Q8 (Pro) and LT1, see OP.

Yea, that's much better for me to use the SP36/Q8 version because that's the most common used one for me: ATTiny85, Button LED.

The only differences I see for my particular build of Anduril 2 is:

  • I dump the SOS mode
  • I enable the feature of while the light is ON, 2C goes to max/turbo

Not sure how easy it is for you to mod one up for this config.

What tool are you using for these diagrams? They are looking real good!


Sofirn wanted to have SOS included in SP36 / Q8 Pro again. Gabe (gchart) was so kind to create new config/hex-files accordingly. 2C for direct access to turbo from ON was also highly requested by Sofirn for SP36 and Q8 (Pro) as it makes Andúril 2 in the Advanced UI feel much more like Andúril 1. For those who prefer safer brightness levels, Simple UI is really nice. Maybe one day there is a chance for a heavily stripped Andúril 2 with only essential functionalities (like Simple UI but some few parts of the Advanced UI).

No big deal to mod one up according to your wishes. ;) So, basically you want the SP36/Q8 diagram but SOS mode excluded?

I made these diagrams with Inkscape which is an open source SVG editor software. Somebody told me TK used to edit her diagram with Inkscape, too. The benefit is that SVG files are scalable unlike jpgs or gifs. The software takes me quite a learning curve and it seems to suck out the entire CPU power of my little computer, lol.

thanx a lot.

i see that 2 clicks from on gets u to ceiling and 2 clicks again gets u into turbo...but there is an opposide arrow aw well, that shows that u get into previous level.

so, question are)

1)i dont see a direct way to get to turbo from on

2) where do 2 clicks from ceiling moves u? turbo or to previous level?


in advanced mode
in my FWAA there is only one way to Turbo from ON.
I must manually ramp up to top of ceiling and after that I can use 2C to get Turbo.

depends how I got to the ceiling
from ON in advanced

  1. If I 2C to ceiling, then the next 2C will toggle back to the previous mode, not Turbo
  2. If I Ramp to ceiling with 1H, then 2C after that gives Turbo.

from OFF in advanced

  1. 2C gives ceiling
    2. 2C again gives Turbo
    2C again gives the previous mode

ah, thanx.

btw, forum engine lack "thanx' button

Thanks LP!

Actually beside dropping SOS, the USE_2C_MAX_TURBO means if you are in ramping, a 2C goes to turbo, not ramp ceiling. So from OFF, 1C -> 2C gets you turbo, or 2C -> 2C, or in ramping with light ON, simple 2C goes to turbo.

  1. If I 2C to ceiling, then the next 2C will toggle back to the previous mode, not Turbo --> that doesn't sound right. That's why I added the special "USE_2C_MAX_TURBO" compile setting, and fortunately TK added to the base Anduril 2, though I'd prefer it always be set, or set as a default

I'm fine with keeping a ramp ceiling below turbo, and the USE_2C_MAX_TURBO allows quick access to turbo and still maintain a lower ramp ceiling.

Tom E, could you please have a look at the SP36/Q8 diagram below? If I got gchart right, he implemented that USE_2C_MAX_TURBO command into the code. I hope my chart reflects this command correctly. Anything I should change for better comprehension?

That looks correct to me - just fiddled with it on a proto that I have gchart's Anduril 2 running on, though not the latest version, and that's exactly how it behaves. Also behaves the same way in stepped mode, so a 2C goes to turbo, 2C again returns to the level you were at.

Thanks. I had presumed it would be whatever brightness you were on, not include other modes. This opens up some interesting possibilities.

Yeah, that was confusing… because in Anduril 1, the menu uses single, double, and triple flashes as the menu is sequential–floor, ceiling, steps all settable in one shot, versus having to go through 7H clicks each time for each ramp setting. Frankly, I prefer how it’s done in Anduril 1.

TBH, I rack my brain how to get this visualized in a simple and comprehensible way. Certainly, I could add a small text box next to the arrows but I would prefer to avoid making the diagram even more complex.

this is my personal edited version of your excellent diagram for the FWAA:

Anduril 1 does it more like Narsil, I agree with you there but I'm getting used to it. I got a lot of lights converted over to Anduril 2 now - all new mods and converting some old mods or stock lights from NarsilM and Anduril 1 to 2. All of them are defaulted to Advanced mode as well.

Great input Jonathan. :THUMBS-UP:

I took the liberty to create a new revision based upon your suggestions. I did some minor changes on the wording, hope you don't mind. How does that sound?