Anduril 2 UI diagrams (generic, Lumintop, Sofirn)

Hello everyone,

Please find below the latest revision of the "unofficial" Andúril 2 UI diagram, also made for some specific models...

Andúril 2 - generic version

>>> downloadable PDF <<<

Andúril 2 - Lumintop FWAA

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Andúril 2 - Sofirn SP36 (Pro) / Q8 (Pro)

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Andúril 2 - Sofirn LT1

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Well. At least for now.
Anyway, thank you for these drawings. Personally, I prefer them more than a wall of text.

In simple UI 3H is disabled.

Are you sure about that? It would mean that tint ramping was disabled, too.

Tint ramping in simple mode works but 3H to max with non tint-ramping lights does not work. My LT1’s anduril 2 is a bit modified but I don’t think that behaviour was changed

Okay, thanks for the clarification. I will remove 3H momentary turbo from Simple UI. Maybe TK can revise her text manual as well.

Update: 2021/03/14

UI chart updated, 3H behavior in Simple UI rectified

The Anduril 2 UI diagram is outstanding. Thank you Lux-Perpetua.

When in "Advanced UI" with the light OFF, what determines whether "2H" goes to "Max Ramp" or to "Turbo"; as the diagram currently indicates that both results are possible or is this a misprint? are right. I just rectified that, please see my updated chart. Thanks a lot, roostre!

It seems Simple UI has direct access to Turbo in Anduril 2
(which totally defeats the muggle safety goal of Simple UI)

both in Sofirn and Lumintop builds:

“Sofirn does not want Simple UI to be restricted in output, mostly because they expect customers to complain about reduced output or unfulfilled expectations.”

“default to smooth, instant access to Turbo”

“Anyway, Andúril2. I love it, I think it’s an improvement over the first iteration(s). There are some things some users might not love about it, but I think overall it’s much more approachable. I will note though that the nomenclature might be a bit confusing – the light (all lights with Andúril2) ships in Simple UI. This is not Muggle Mode. You may think “well duh” and by now you’ve already seen the blistering runtime on turbo of Simple, so you get it. But just be aware, don’t hand this light to the uninitiated thinking they won’t set their hand on fire while using Simple UI. Here is where I’d tell you how to switch to muggle mode. There is no muggle mode.

There’s also an Advanced UI. If you’re reading this, then you’ll likely have already switched your FWAA 14500 flashlight to the Advanced UI. Here are some runtimes from that. I tested the stepped levels. Also yes the max level here is 1831 lumens and on the Simple UI the max is over 1900 lumens – don’t think there’s really any difference here. “

I would like a muggle proof Simple UI that has no access to Turbo, for my Lumitop FWAA.

ideally it would allow ramping access to Level 1, not default to Level 20 minimum.

and I want the ability to set the ceiling to 500 lumens. NO Turbo in Simple UI

If anybody builds a UI with those features, I think it would be nice to have a non burning option in Simple UI, and I would want to learn to flash my FWAA to be muggle safe…


Actually, Sofirn, Noctigon/Emisar and Lumintop have in common that default ceiling in Simple UI is set to 150/150 (equals top of the ramp or "turbo"). This was done on purpose, most likely because they did not want customers to complain about reduced output. I suppose to their understanding Simple UI means simplified in operation but not restricted in maximum output.

If you want to have a safe muggle mode in terms of Simple UI, you can do that quite easily by yourself if you follow this guideline and configure the ceiling level to a much lower level (e.g. 75/150).

  1. While in Simple UI, go to Advanced UI via 10H from OFF
  2. When you are in Advanced UI, use 10H to set up the ramp configuration for Simple UI.
  3. Keep holding 10H (10x click and hold the last time pressed) until you notice a brief double flash, then release.
  4. While the light is "buzzing", click as many times as you want to go down from turbo (150/150), i.e. 30 clicks will take you to a ceiling level of 120/150. You may need to click quite often to reach a very low ("safe") ceiling level.
  5. Wait until the blinking stops and turn off the flashlight.
  6. Go back to Simple UI via 10C from OFF and check the new ceiling level via 2C from OFF or ON. You will notice a reduced maximum output.

excellent, thank you for the detailed instructions and great visual guide too!
I understand now, that I can configure the ceiling for Simple UI to be lower than 150… good

how about the minimum… can I configure it lower than 20/150 default in Simple UI also?

is there a way to reflash my driver to do those things by default?

You see the yellow highlighted box on the left and the part that is marked by a red rectangle? That’s step 2 of the ramping configuration (set ceiling level). The step before sets the minimum (floor) level. Click as often as you like the minimum level to be. One click is the minimum (1/150).

Mind the single flash when doing 10H from OFF. If you see a double flash you missed step 1. You need to watch carefully for the single flash and then immediately release the switch button. I admit that Andúril 1 was way easier to configure in this regard.

great! thanks

in some reading on TKs site, it says when setting ceiling, that the count starts at 150, so 1 click is 149… iow, the opposite of what your chart shows…

which is correct?

Both is correct…

Floor setting: Click n times for level n of 150 (whereas n = 1-150), i.e. 10 clicks = 10/150

Ceiling setting: Click n times for the nth highest level of (from?) 150 (whereas n = 1-150), i.e. 10 clicks = 140/150


For ceiling you click downwards, for floor you click upwards.

I must admit there is room for improvement for the right wording. If you have suggestions how to express it in a more comprehensible way, I am all ears. :-D

thank you
that is very good wording :+1:

When I was playing with the light on a highway trip (I was in the HOV lane… simplest kind of driving), I started fiddling with my light without reading anything. Realized the 10H to get out of simple into advanced. Then after going through a few things I’d memorized from my Anduril 1 FW3A, I tried 5C… and then it went into tactical mode. Well, 5C again didn’t toggle. NOTHING worked. I did a lockout in front and in rear… and reconnected after a few minutes—nothing. Had to leave HOV lane, so I put the FWAA aside. SO then I get to my destination, go look at the manual… and you have to totally break contact with the battery to get out of tactical? I don’t get why 5C isn’t a toggle…

Maybe because one reason for having a "momentary mode" is to send Morse Code and 5C is the Morse Code "number 5".

Trouble is, when you’re in tactical mode, it’s a strobe. So as you press, you might get one or two flashes before you release… Can’t really send any code with it.

tactical mode just means that whatever mode you were in when you do 5C, that mode becomes momentary ON only

so yes, to get out of momentary, you cannot give a 5C command, or any other command, ONLY momentary on works… that is True Tactical… being able to click out of tactical is not tactical… See what I did there? LOL

fwiw, HDS Tactical mode also requires removing the tail to break battery contact. And an HDS, same as Anduril lights, gives a sigle flash during reassembly, to inform that contact is achieved.

Tactical mode is whatever mode you were in when you did the 5C. So if you were last in strobe, it will be a strobe.