Anduril 2 UI diagrams (generic, Lumintop, Sofirn)

I think this is more correct:
(removed red notations from off, I was previously confusing the 150/150 ceiling of simple mode, which is available with 2C from off, but does not apply to Advanced mode)


Try to do a 6C to enter muggle mode. Anduril 2 doesn’t have muggle mode.

I use a spreadsheet with fields for things like host, material, emitter, manufacturer specs, spectrometer measurements, cells, driver type & UI, etc. Easily searchable and accessible from a mobile app (I use Office but Google Sheets works great too). I color code fields to keep track of projects that are waiting for parts and things like that. If I want to add some new metric to track, I can simply add a new column.

I probably have around 100 lights, most of which are modded or custom builds. It’s really helped me keep track of everything.

Thanks Rayoui! Good to hear you have a solution. I actually did start a spreadsheet at one time.

L-P: TK has some recent updates to Anduril 2. Should touch base with her about updates to the UI diagrams. Might be a lot to juggle...

Post 60 contains a diagram dated 2021.08.03. The OP downloads a diagram dated 2021.08.02.

I’m not sure if there’s any difference between them. Are they the same?


which light do you have?

I try to update the UI diagrams anytime soon to implement latest enhancements on Andúril 2.

Question - Is the Sofirn LT1 programmed by default with Simple UI at full brightness, or is it limited and only accessible in Advanced UI? In the LT1 manual it says the Simple UI is at a reduced brightness, this kind of sucks for many on something that barely heats up

Full power is enabled by default. The manual probably just has some inaccurate text copy/pasted from somewhere else.

Excellent, thank you for the reply.

Strange orange led bug on the LT1. The switch is green, yet the orange leds light up randomly while adjusting brightness, tint, and strobes. Hopefully Sofirn just change the led back to orange and you’d never notice.

I have a couple D4V2 with Anduril 2. Also have a D4SV2 inbound with A2 as well.

Well, that’s super confusing that the Sofirn LT1 V2 manual shows the standard V2 operation and not the LT1 version. I was scratching my head there for 30 minutes wondering why I had SOS and no Temp mode.

Thankful I don’t need to worry about temp calibration now for ever customer’s unit.

The following isn’t an issue, but in Simple UI, from off, 3H will change tint

@Tom E If you have aux lights, an easy way to differentiate A1 from A2 is to reset the light, then see if you can control the aux lights by 7C. If you can, you have A1.

Resetting the light puts it in simple UI. If you have A2, you can’t control the aux lights from the simple UI in A2.

There’s a function from on, 2C and it goes to ceiling.
This is missing in the chart.

I see it in all the charts. It's in the vertical bar section

I just received the Wurkkos TS21 with Andúril-2 and wondered if there is a list that describes the various combinations of colors & flashes assigned to the 'Switch LED'. Although I've become proficient with using Andúril-1 for Lumintop's EDC18, I'm so far finding some issues with the TS21's version of Andúril-2, which according to the TS21 manual, was flashed with the Sofirn Q8 Pro version.

Neither the TS21 manual, nor your schematic for the Sofirn Q8 Pro .pdf file offer any descriptions that I can see, which describe the various color/flash combinations for the Switch LED.

For example, with the TS21's cell topped off and the firmware set to advanced, the Switch LED is currently alternating an Orange Flash with a very faint Orange Blip. I think I'm in one of the advanced programming modes, but can't determine which. So I would really appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

Most of the aux LED stuff is not controlled by Anduril in the new flashlights with powerbank function anymore, but by the charge controller. It does things, just ignore it. Someone made a mistake and this is the result.

@SammyHP. Thank you for your reply. Are the Switch LEDs also not controlled by Andúril-2?

I ask this specifically because the TS21 doesn't have the tiny, auxiliary LEDs added to the PCB of some lights. It's the Switch LED that's exhibiting this alternating flash combination.

Another example is once the TS21's cell is fully charged, the Switch LED turns to a solid blue. However, immediately after the USB-C cable is removed, the LED alternates between Blue and Pink for ~1 minute, before finally settling back into the aforementioned alternating Orange flash with Orange blip.

UPDATE: While the Pink color showing up in the Switch LED remains a mystery, at least I now know that when the Switch LED is either solid or flashing Orange, it's simply the Switch LED acting as a Locator Beacon, which is set by 7C. To setup the Switch LED to act as a Locator Beacon, use 7C every time to switch it from Off to Faint Orange, to Alternating Dim-Orange & Orange, to Solid Orange.

Yes, same for the switch LED. All these fancy colors are controlled by the charge controller and it doesn’t make any sense.