Anduril ... 2?

Soft start and off (like the olight s1r ii) would be a nice addition, is it possible?

Is there an option to disable main emitter while checking voltage and temperature level on the lights with switch leds, like on Narsil UI ?

It’s defined by BLINK_BRIGHTNESS which is MAX_LEVEL/6 by default.

You could try to enable USE_SET_LEVEL_GRADUALLY, but I don’t know if it is well maintained and if it handles switching the light on/off.


Thank you!!

I have created a new UI chart.

Since there may be some discussions related to that chart only, I decided to create a separate thread

TK, can you please check your text manual once again? 3H from ON works only for tint ramping in Simple UI but not for momentary turbo.

There’s also an #ifdef USE_SIMPLE_UI missing in the off state for 2H.

The question doesn’t make sense because you don’t double-click to ceiling and then double-click to turbo. The manual says:

While the light is on, a few actions are available:

- 2C: Go to or from the ceiling level.
(or if already at ceiling, and not in Simple UI, go to/from turbo)

Therefore 2C takes you to ceiling and another 2C goes back to the previous level. To go to turbo with 2C you have to go to ceiling by another way (typically by ramping) and then another 2C goes back to ceiling.

Thanks, your excellent explanation clarified what I previously did not understand since I do not have an Anduril 2 light to experiment with yet.

I will miss the original Anduril "double-click" shortcut to "Turbo from any brightness" with a follow-on "double-click" shortcut back to the "previous brightness level", but fortunately Anduril 2 now includes a "triple-click and hold" for "Momentary Turbo" which will suffice.

Sounds like a UI to avoid then

Yes but it may be somewhat uncomfortable for a ~40s turbo. Also, I prefer to hold the light from the tail to avoid the hot head.

Fortunately this is trivial to work around: just configure the highest level to be turbo. Then the 2C back and forth will work like in Anduril 1.

lines 69 to 74
#define USE_2C_MAX_TURBO
This gives 2C turbo from ramp and 2C return to ramp from turbo, like in classic Andúril.

Possible but needs recompilation and downloading. Lots of work… Using configuration and setting the highest level to 150 is a lot easier.



2H is 1 click + hold on the 2nd

I honestly don’t understand this. I have quickly accessed turbo from off or lower modes literally hundreds of times with different powerful lights and never had any kind of problem. I can’t imagine how I could damage myself or “things” by doing this. Perhaps if I was careless enough to take a lumen monster into bed and accidentally switch turbo on and suffer the consequences? I could only see this happening with a newbie buying a light that was much too powerful for him/her, and ignoring the manual. However I do agree with uluNote10Plus when he says: “Such a light is not for a kid and must be out of reach.” Because of the nature of my night time walking, I find 2C Turbo extremely useful and would regret its disappearance.

BTW, I noticed Loneocean's post re Turbo:

Yes you can enable this with:

#define USE_2C_MAX_TURBO

It's called out in ramp-mode.c for event==EV_2clicks.

Is that something I (as a non-tech flashaholic) can simply do in the UI with any Anduril 2 light, or must it be incorporated in a sophisticated way?

Perhaps powerful Anduril 2 lights could come with a warning:

WARNING - This extremely powerful light is capable of causing injury or fire if used improperly. To avoid this the light has been factory set to a safe mode which will provide very bright light and useful features for the average user. If you are technically inclined or an experienced user of powerful flashlights you may also access PROFESSIONAL MODE which will unleash the full potential of this light by clicking.........

I read some time ago that D4SV2 can’t accommodate CC regulation because of some technical reason. Is that still true?

You’d need to flash the firmware with the altered code

That’s beyond my low-tech ability, and not great vision. Meanwhile, Anduril 1 fulfills nearly all of my needs.


Andruil 1 is amazing, I don’t even own a light with 2 yet, and in no hurry