Maybe I was ambiguous. It’s Anduril 2.

1. Power on the light than set to smooth ramp (3c).
2. Power off.
3. 4c to lockout.
4. Now 1h lowest floor and 2h other floor.
5. 4c to unlock.
6. Power on the light than set to stepped ramp (3c).
7. Power off.
8. 4c to lockout.
9. Now 1h other floor and 2h lowest floor.

The 2 floor state swapped. Is this a(n) (un)documented feature or a bug?

I cannot reproduce your issue with Anduril 2. 1H is lowest floor, 2H is highest floor. Doesn’t matter which ramp style is selected. 1H is always lowest.

Here’s the code if you want to verify it:

Both of my Anduril lamps behave the same way every time. Emisar D4SV2 and Astrolux FT02S. The code you linked means nothing to me, I’m not a programmer. Thanks for your confirmation of your lamp behaviour.

The FT02S does not ship with Anduril 2 - how did you install it on there?

Maybe it’s my mistake but I was for sure it has Anduril 2. Does it have Andruil 1? I’ve never flashed anything. But the two flashlights have the same behaviour, settings and options (and maybe the same bug).

Ahh, ok. Think the D4SV2 is not shipping with it either, yet - not many lights are.

Thank you for clarifying it! The question is still open, is it a feature or bug in Andruil? Any other lights with Andruil behave the same way as D4S V2 and FT02S?

Just tried it. SC31pro, probably andy1:

ramped, 1H=firefly, 2H=low

stepped, 1H=low, 2H=firefly

Dunno if that does anything for ya, but confirms the eerie behavior.

Thank you Lightbringer!

After Tom E mentioned it’s not Andruil2, I opened TK’s Anduril … 2? topic and found this in the change list:
Lockout mode’s momentary function always uses lowest brightness first.
So after all i think it’s a planned difference between smooth and stepped ramp’s lockout mode.

I hope you have read my post where I explained that this is the expected behavior in Anduril 1 and that it has changed with Anduril 2. :wink:

Yeah, i’ve read it just interpreted in other way, sry :smiley:

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Where can this be found?

Hi, Tom E

Is this - ~toykeeper/flashlight-firmware/trunk : files for revision 247 - latest revision of anduril? And if it is available, is anywhere sources of Anduril2 available to look how temperature control changed over Anduril 1.

Thank you.

Thank you, ToyKeeper for all of this! I'm usually not a huge fan of learning a new "language" to use a new tool, but I recently acquired my first Andüril Light and it's been a lot of fun to learn and use. I'm a fan. I've since placed orders for more than a few more lights with this U.I. Mad props.

Gonna be my EDC U.I. if I can remember to electronically lock 'em out. Just retrieved my LM-10 from my side to find out it's been on for who knows how long, luckily not on too high of a brightness level though.

Can I set turbo level of my Sofirn IF25A?

Turbo is always full power.

Not sure if this is where I might find an answer (I suppose the answer is out there, but I can’t find it using search terms)…

Regarding “Beacon mode”, for Anduril 1 & Anduril 2,

what is the shortest time for beacon mode (ie. no light for xx second, up to what’s the longest time in-between each beacon flash)?
I seem to remember beacon can be as short as once every second (or can it be faster?) and as long as 10 seconds between flash (but maybe it can be set even longer?)

I think this might be the right thread to ask my question….

I hate stepdown and for that reason want no or a hidden turbo.
I’m once again considering Emisar D4V2 and Noctigon KR4 quad.
The Noctigon highest non step down level seems to be 400lm click for review
Is it possible to set 400lm as high and remove/hide anything above that?

My ideal setup would be High, mid, low and hidden turbo and moonlight.

Yes that's possible.

Go to
and search for "Ramping / Stepped Ramping Modes" and "Ramp Config Menu" and give that a quick read and you'll see that you can config it just the way you like.

Anduril 1 manual - text
Anduril 2 manual - text
Of course, these are generic (flashlight model independent). Anduril is tailored to some flashlights for certain special features like tint ramping, dual channel, and aux LED control.