Another CPF immigrant...

Hi people!!

I've been into this hobby for almost 10 years now(wow time flies!), and have decided finally to register on BLF (and not just lurk) after witnessing all the horror and snobbery on the other site. The user community at CPF is mostly fantastic but I could never support a site whose admin are so unbelievably rude. The mind boggles at how admin can treat members both brand new and seasoned with such abuse, and still have their actions defended by certain members. It's absolutely ASTONISHING to me that members think that admin is doing them a favour by allowing them to post on the forum!! It's a site owners dream!! not only do you have a following of people that regularly post on your site, bringing in more search traffic and earning you money, you can also slap them around while taking a royal dump on them and they'll thank you for it!!! How fantastic...

Sorry for the rant in my first post, but it was a long time coming.

yeah CPF is a wondering thing isn't it! welcome to the site Hal..much better over here..

Hey let it out, we know where your coming from. Welcome to BLF.

Hi Hal. And welcome. I know the feeling oh too well about the CPF and its admin. You won't get that here. They actually do care about their members here and treat them with respect. I admire that here. A great bunch of folks here that are a lot more friendly and will help you. And they aren't jerks about it when they do.

Welcome to the forum. You will definitely find a different atmosphere here.

Hi! Wow, 10 years, that's quite a lot of experience. Looking forward to some good info!

Thanks Guys!

Yeah I've seen how things are run here, much more to my liking.

I am not a Doctor however I am a licensed Psychologist.

Some people need to be abused. We call them "mentally disadvantaged"

In the past they might have been followers of DE SADE.

They become sexually aroused by being abused by a pervert like DM51.

Many of the so called "fan boys" of DM51 are mentally disadvantaged submissives.

Ahhh it's all slowly making sense

Welcome Hal, enjoy your time here!

Welcome Hal! Thanks for joining, we hope you enjoy your time here on BLF.

Welcome Hal, enjoy your time here. You're among friends.

Welcome HAL! The people are less friendly, and the moderators are on a power trip over there. Much more relaxed here :)

i wouldn't say immigrant , I'd say your home

Welcome HAL!... I know you will feel better here on BLF than on CPF

My wife is a Shrink, and she has made some choice remarks about the management style over there - something about never wanting for work.


Ah! Welcome... you'll love it here. You won't be the last to bail out of CPF!

Rich (richpalm over there)

Welcome to the kinder, gentler light forum.

I think of CPF as a wonderful library, full of amazing content. But as soon as you step in the door you get verbally abused by anyone that hears your comment or question. Best just to keep your mouth shut there, read the content you need, and move on.

Sad, but that's the reality. Even if you don't say a work, you still have to witness others being slapped around, its a strange place indeed.

Welcome from another flashlight freedom lover who left the oppressive regime of the $500 torches!

Folks here are on BLF are kind, generous with their expertise and most importantly respectful. Pull up a chair and enjoy yourself!

Welcome to the forum of Common Sense.

Could you reveal something about your earliest LED flashlights? :)