Answer our question to get a flashlight for free

I always have a question for members in BLF forum ,

In what occasion will you use a flashlight? When there's a power cut in your house or when you go out for adventure?

Will the same flashlight meet all your needs for different occasion?

We have so much flashlight in our site, choose one that you think is most valuable and worth buying from the given links:

One lucky man will get solar energy powered LED light for free.

But please note that only when more more than 50 members take part in and give me your answers will the flashlight be sent.

Rules:leave your answer to my question and select one flashlight.

And the deadline is 8/17,2015

I will announce the winner at 5:00pm,8/17,Peking time.

Join us to win the flashlight.

I don’t think many will be interested in that light…

Are you serious?

I wouldn’t have that light if you Gave It to me:-)


What a nutty campaign for advertising on this Forum.. J)

I use my lights both adventuring and for blackouts, and my PD35 covers those areas pretty well, although I use many others.

I like the idea of a solar flashlight, living in the desert areas, we sure have an abundance of sun.

Thank you for the offer, but I am not interested in this light.

Tiny Deal,

You have so many lights I just can’t pick one.

However, if I could, I would use it to Spotlight down at one of the many local Nudist Colonies.

But - The main reason that I’m not going to pick one of your lights, is because I’m afraid that I might win the one that you are giving away:-(

Thanks very much for your understanding,

I agree with you!

That is the first thing I wouldn’t do! :smiley:

Do you have some magical Nudist Colony that is filled with models?

I dunno - Gotta get a light to see :slight_smile:

No tellin’ what all is down there.

Anybody know where I can get a good deal on a light?



Not sure a spotlight would go over so well.
Try a 850nm Infrared spotlight.

No time to talk to you right now, Halo. - I’m trying to win a Butt-Spotter here.

Tiny Deal… Where are you???




This is just a small giveaway to know what kind of flashlight you like most, and we can provide better product to you in the future.

And the one given is for free. .

We can't make sure every product is accepted by all of you.

One comment to win a flashlight, and it will surely help you in some occasion.

Why not?

Even if it’s free, people won’t be interested unless it’s decent.

Your solar light is $8.81 7x cheap 5mm LEDs. Likely XCUW LED tint (extra cold ugly white).

I suggest you change the prize to SK68 clone zoom Cree flashlight AA / 14500 $6.55

Or much better Nitecore tube USB Rechargeable Keychain $8.61

I have both the SK68 and the Nitecore Tube, and use them both daily.

I have no desire at all for that solar light, though it does have a lovely Neutral tint:-)


I am in! :bigsmile:

Sometimes I use a flashlight for hunting snails/slugs. Om those occasions this light with built in radio would be nice as a companion.

Look at the little fellows facial expression with that antenna sticked up his tail

and where is the light coming from?

I dont know if the beam has throw or flood, but I am sure you can expect a brownish tint!

Kind regards

Tinydeal, most of us here is not/never going to use this flashlight ever. Everybody is just being honest about it.

You could have offered ANY CONVOY and I am sure people would have been glad to participate. Just my 2 cents. It does not cost much and people here are interested in Convoys. Just try one and you will see :smiley:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s even better than I thought! I knew I should have clicked on it.