Any Drop In Module for SK68

I don’t mean just the emitter or driver, I mean the complete module.
Looking for a XM-L2 U2 1A drop in ! :slight_smile:

You would probably have better luck buying a modded sk68 from someone. There’s a ton of slight variation in sk68 clones, being able to find an assembled custom pill that fits with your sk68 host would be a nightmare.

ding ding ding, the pills vary slightly but enough between different makes/models/manufacturers/distributors that getting a straight drop in is virtually impossible

Now…taking a SK68 you have, popping it open, putting in a XM-L2 on 16mm sinkpad and then putting a 15mm driver in replacing the stock one (released [15mm SK68 5*7135 Nanjg 105c driver) and soon to be tested for production) is possible

I have purchased no less than 2 dozen SK68’s, modded one with my son, put a XM-L T6-4C on sinkpad using the stock driver, even with boost mode running on an AA it is quite brighter than the stock XP-E, but the zoom is a bit off so it doesn’t quite focus as cleanly on zoom but it definitely made it much better…then he proceeded to loose it somewhere…uggh

There should be tons of drop ins for the SK68 since there are so many of them sold. They have drops in for other models why not the SK68 ?
I can do it myself since I am a certified IPC instructor, but I am looking for a quick off the shelf solution when I might need to upgrade on more than just one SK68 and it would not pay or worth the time to.

They are ALL different, no one SK68 is the same as the next…the pills are “close” to next clone but it’s not exact

Maybe it’s time to get a handfull of them, and see if the pills are interchangeable…I put $5 on it that they aren’t, the subtle differences will probably affect focus and other issues

Once I get my 15mm SK68 boards tested, heck I can build a few of em if you want
I have done some resistor swaps on those little USB Li Ion charge modules (changed out the RProg resistor from 1.2k [full 1A output] to 2.2k [approx .500mA output])

A better pill would be nice, if only.

Anyone got a cheap thread gauge to recommend? I’ve wondered if the cheap tooling even uses one of a variety of standard gauges, or if they’re just stuck in and made to take threads by eye.

I wondered about ‘building’ a pill out of the copper rings you can buy from jewelry suppliers, since I don’t have any machining, but even a little layer of solder between copper pieces cuts down thermal transfer surprisingly:

For these low value items, the threads would be tapped instead of cut on a CNC lathe.
Do modders put thermal grease between the thread of the pill and the mating thread of the body ?