Any experience w/ JKK03 and JKK36 3x18650 USB rechargeable XHP70.2 XHP50.2

Does anyone have any experience with the JKK03 and JKK36 sold on Aliexpress? They have a huge amount of emitter and reflector options and tint from 6500k down to 3000k. Looks pretty darn interesting. Ali will have an anniversary sale in 6 days so that would be a good time to buy these. But just wondering if anyone know how these perform.

I don’t have any experience with them. They sure look nice. Love all the emitter and tint options. I might have to check one of those out. Hope you get some advise and answers on it. I will watch this one closely. Thanks for posting it.

I love how the description of the JKK03 tells you to switch modes by ‘humming loudly inside’! :smiley:

But yes, it does look interesting. Will be watching this.

I missed that, went back to look. That’s hilarious. Got my cheeks and stomach hurting now.

The JKK36 is sold on kaidomain, albeit for a higher price.

The JKK36’s lowest mode is 650 lm??? And the JKK03 uses a smooth reflector for XHP50 and XHP70? Yikes.

If anyone is interested you can install the Aliexpress app on your phone and there are many ways to earn coins and free coupons for their aniversary sale on March 28.

Has anyone tried them or even tested and dismantled them?

Nope. If it had L-M-H instead of H-M-L, it would have been more tempting to buy the light.

Otherwise, it is a hard no.

I may pick up the JKK03 with the OP reflector. The other JKK lights have a larger head than I like.

I got a JKK03, my first impression is that it is small, smaller what I expect for a 3x 18650 light. The length of it is about the same as a Convoy S2+. I bought the XHP50.2 6500K version as it is the cheapest and I’m gonna swap the emitter anyway. It has 3 modes, triple click (IIRC) to access turbo and quadruple click to access strobe and SOS. One thing that is bothering me is the mode order, being High - Mid - Low which I don’t prefer. The cooling is pretty good thanks to it’s unibody construction. I did not use the light too much before I replaced the XHP50.2 with a Nichia 144A, but the yellow corona is very noticeable even when cycling on a grey road. I guess pairing s large SMO reflector with a XHP50.2 is not a wise decision. The light uses a boost driver and the XHP50.2 is in 6V setup. The heat in high mode is acceptable and it can stay in turbo for quite a while before getting too hot to hold. However I don’t think it has any turbo timer/ temperature regulation so one has to be careful when leaving it on turbo. With the 144A, the beam pattern is also horrible, perfectly showing the egg yolk in the hotspot and a yellowish ring in the corona-spill area. I’ll post some photo of the driver and light if I have time soon.

Is it possible to get a JKK03 with an OP reflector? I don’t see any reflector options in the AliExpress product page.

Yes but through Kaidomains page.


I liking this light the more I look at it. It should be a great all around light. And with the OP reflector, it should flood great.

Ahh, now I regret that I got mine with a SMO reflector…
I put a layer of diffuser film on the lens with the film facing the inside of the light. It made a great difference and now the beam pattern is very nice. However the film is milky white and it kinda defeats the purpose of the R9050 144A… :HAT:

You can get DC-Fix film. It doesn’t change the color of the beam, just blends everything together. Works very well. You can buy it from member Boaz here. You do lose 7% light output but it’s unnoticeable. It should blend the beam better than an OP reflector.

Those look pretty cool. With a better UI I’d be pretty tempting.

I just got one with the XHP70.2 at 5000k it is at least as bright with a similar light pattern as my emisar d4ti at 4800k now I need to get a usb-c cable to charge it I also have a JKK13 with the removable head so that it can be just a power bank. nice light I’m glad I got it. It cant be locked out though.if you leav it in low when you turn it off it’s not bad it has memory.

“XHP50.2/XHP70.2 Version:
Mode: 6-mode high / middle/ low, Double click within one second turn to Turbo mode (super bright mode), fast click 3 times Strobe / SOS, long press 2 seconds to turn off.”

Is it really 2 full seconds to turn off?

The long press 2 seconds to turn off was the only reason I haven’t bought one of these yet. I wish they would update the UI for single click for on/off.

I have a few lights with the long press to turn off and I can live with 0.5 second to 1 second, but my original DQG Tiny 26650 has a full 2 seconds and it gets on my nerves.