Any flashlight that has Led lenser zoom system

Recently i’m interested in Led lenser Zooming system
their system can collect more light from the Led comparing to old classic zoom system
i want to try one, more specific, led lenser p7.2, but its price is quite high for a 320 lumen light
so, i guess there maybe a clone of this, at least, zooming system, i know it’s patented, but, well, i don’t really care (sorry if i offend anyone :frowning: )
can anyone recommend one, my budget for this is less than 50 bucks
thanks guy

They used to partner with Fraen… eons ago to develop their focusing lens setup at the time. Not sure who they work with today. Hopefully someone else can provide details. Maybe if you identify the lens, you can narrow it down a bit for an alternate choice? 99.99% of the focus-zoom lights (non-Lenser) are nothing more than aspheric lenses at varying focal points.

There aren’t any, it’s a patented design.
Other “zoomies” only use an aspheric lens which reduces the lumen output by more than half when zoomed in.

Coast makes flashlights with a similar TIR system to led lenser, however it is not the same, their TIRs make a spot+flood output similar to a standard reflector flashlight:

This is NOT the same as the led lenser TIR which focuses the beam into either all-spot or all-flood.

Go to AliExpress, search for “p7.2” and at least 3 sellers have “clones” of it at about 33€ (+/- $37). :wink:
I have an eye on those for many years now, but unless I could do a nice mod, I won’t get one!

Fenix FD series has similar TIR zoomable optic, yet the hotspot when zoomed is similar to Coast picture above - it has also a spill.

Okay, i wonder whether the beam is as same as real one

Walther Pro also have TIR zoom lens, but they are also expensive.

As far as the images from buyers show, these are not “clones” these are authentic led lenser flashlights at factory price ! (My guess, of course)

Portable P7.2 9407 Professional Dimmer Tactical LED Zoom Flashlight Torch Lamp for Hiking Camping
(from AliExpress Android)

When I said that I wouldn’t buy one is because it takes AAA batteries and now I’ more into li-ion! Also, even beinh a very nice and well made light, if I want throw, I’ll buy a thrower not a zoomie to see far away!
But these are my preferences for me! Someday I may get one for my parents :wink:

The fenix zoomies are more like the opposite, they are “un-zoomies” :stuck_out_tongue:
Instead of focusing the beam into a spot, they do the opposite and make the beam super wide flood.
In their “focused” position it is about the same as a regular TIR or reflector beam profile, with a hotspot and spill.

It’s not, unfortunately.

Led Lenser has started making 18650 and other standard li-ion flashlights, however I don’t really like their new style.

That product page didn’t look right. Ledlenser P7.2 doesn’t have smart light user interface (just momentary boost, high, and low using resisters). Emitter is XP-G2 not Q5. Looks fishy!

See this thread too:

We have a p7.2. I bought it. Debbie wanted it, so I gave it to her. She uses it daily.

It is well made with a good fit and finish. it comes in a nice presentation box. It looks and feels expensive.

The UI is not good. High-low-off. Hold the button down for turbo. No memory.

Debbie likes it.

POP lite copy Led Lenser. I know member Jerommel bought one and was not impressed for the price. I think it should be easy to find an original Led Lenser P7 or something similar for under $50.

yeah, i got a Pop Lite…
The problem it has (besides the antique LED and no driver) is that the head is adjustable just within the middle range, where even Led Lensers project rings…
It’s waiting for me to open the head (which has glued bezel) so i can increase the head travel.

Here’s a cheap clone:
Could be good, could be crap…

Severe Cold? … Pretty original name, haha! :confounded:

Yeah, it’s for when you have too much Uranusfire. :smiley:
O well, as long as you keep your Probe Shiny…

I think i will buy one though.

Hum, didn’t know this one! But I’m with you, I don’t like that design so much… Don’t know about the specs, but the other series seem to be more pleasant to the sight!

Hum, you’re probably right! I didn’t notice those details! But there are things in AliExpress that are not correctly written in the specs. Some lights use different batteries from those written on the specs, other have different LEDs from those advertised…and let’s not talk about the advertised lumens as well :person_facepalming: :smiley:

On this particular light, I read the comments from the different sources and someone said it was not “completely original”, something about the battery compartment. I always thought this would be a “factory” price or something like that, but…maybe my guess was wrong about this one.

If I had to choose a zoomie light, I’d probably get one from the Convoy line (BD04).

If you want a fine zoomie, get the Brynite B158(B).

Brynite has regular aspheris lenses which is cheap but not very efficient solution.

I can’t recommend any LedLenser flashlight, they’re not worth the price and their zoom system is overrated. I had one before and all I can say that beam from a regular reflector (of Fenix’s zoom system) is much more versatile. Flood in LedLensers is very poor, it’s brighter on the edges which messes with your eyes, it’s also blueish in the middle.