Any flashlight that has Led lenser zoom system

While this is true, the thing out throws every reflector light with the same diameter.

What’s Renix’s zoom system?

That’s strange though, because it would just be a matter of how close the LED can get to the central lens in the optic.
The tint shift is normal though.
Every zoomie i have (had) is cooler in the middle / warmer on the outer perimeter when in flood position.
But then again, normal reflector lights also have a lot of tint shift in the output.
If you want to avoid that, you want a proper fixed focus TIR optic.
I’m often wondering how long this Led Lenser patent is supposed to last…
I did find 40mm diameter Led Lenser (like) optics though, but i have no use for 400 pieces, so i didn’t order… :smiley:

I already have a zoomies, i want to experience Led lenser zoom system(the only reason for its high price)

37$, hmmm, i am not sure, it looks solid and well made, but, a clone is a clone, who knows about thier quality

If you really want to know the Led Lenser optic, then I think you should get a Led Lenser. A clone may look like a Led Lenser, but the optic/led can be of a different quality, and you’ll never know for sure.

It’s €9.93 from where i’m sitting.

I feel the same way.
But Led Lensers are just way too expensive i.m.h.o.

….aaaand i just ordered one. :slight_smile:
I wonder if it’s any good.

Their “Projectile Diarrhoea” brand didn’t go over so well.

Me too.

Nice. :slight_smile:

Completely disagree with you.
The beam from a regular reflector has both spill and spot, so you either have an annoyingly bright spot in the middle when you’re working close up, or you have a bunch of wasted surrounding light when you’re looking far away, which reduces your night vision.

Fenix’s zoom system is the complete opposite, instead of letting you zoom in and completely remove spill, it only lets you zoom out to produce superwide flood (like 78 degrees or something crazy)
It does not focus into a spot-only tight beam. In it’s “focused” mode is is pretty similar to a normal reflector flashlight with spot+spill.

The spot is only very marginally brighter at the edges of the circle when zoomed out, this doesn’t “mess with your eyes” at all, idk what that even means.
The flood is extremely uniform, way better than any reflector flashlight, and is cool white, not blue. Maybe you had an older model or defective version or something.

Cool… I kind of like that one. Have to keep an eye out for it at Frys or Amazon.,

Yep. I really love their original style of the all black P7, P5, and P14 styled lights. The design is so iconic… I decided to collect them, and my favourites are the M14, M8 and M7. The M8 was designed for 2xCR123, but it also accepts 18650. :sunglasses:

Fenix. Just a typo.

That’s what modes are for. You get less blinding light and more runtime.

LedLenser P7:

source: stephenk’s review

And compared to cheap chinese aspheric:

source: M4D M4X’s review

Dim and blue in the middle, bright and yellow on the edges. Light on the edges illuminated further than in the middle and that’s the exact opposite to our eyesight.

You know what lower modes do?
They reduce the throw, and they also reduce the brightness of the spill.

They don’t let you get only throw, or only spill.

With a Led Lenser you can run on max for hours with max throw or max brightness spill, without having half of your light being wasted for something you don’t need (like spill, when youre using it for throw, or a bright spot, when youre using it for close up work).

Hey guys, i received the ‘Severe Cold’ about a week or two ago.
It’s quite nice for the $11 it costs.They claim it has a XM-L2, but it’s an XP-G2.
The driver is 20mm diameter and has next mode memory.
For the rest, it zooms well from a wide flood to a reasonably tight spot (unlike my $25 Pop Lite :rage: ).
The light is not glued (like my $25 Pop Lite :rage: ).
The pilar on the pill is a little thin, so i’m replacing it with a wider copper pilar, which is a bit of work…
Not yet sure what LED to put in, not yet sure about the choice of driver either.
Probably a 219C 4000K or 5000K on a good ol’ Nanjg 105 with 6x 7135.

Thanks for testing Jerommel.
Earlier today the light was shown as discontinued, but apparently it’s back in stock.
I suggest not to hesitate. Myself I snapped one.

Yeah, and the fit and finish is nice too.
It’s just the driver that makes the stock light a little so so…
Fort the rest, the XP-G2 works quite well with this light.

The P series has been updated with 2017 models in the last few months with improved max lumens.

Yeah, coincidentally I was browsing their site (horrible navigation), and they went back to calling for example the P7.2 just P7 again. Lux value is probably about the same, or even less perhaps compared to the original P7 with tighter hot spot.

No they haven’t.
Maybe you’re just confused because they have two websites and some products are on one but not the other.