Any high lumen led lights that don’t get hot?

I have an Energizer 900 lumen flashlight that gets pretty warm after it’s on for 10-15 minutes. The heat can be felt in the bulb housing and half way down the barrel. Since the barrel is heating up, I’m guessing that will shorten battery life? Also, I briefly had one of those cheap tactical lights rated at 900 lumens. I never used that light for more than 10 minutes, but it didn’t get warm. (Returned because the switch was defective.)

I mentioned my concerns to a friend who has a Duracell 700 lumen light, so we tested his. Ran it on high for over 15 minutes and it stayed cool to the touch. Not an exact comparison, obviously, because his lower rated light has one bulb and uses 3 C batteries. But now I’d like to find a better designed light that doesn’t get hot, or at least not so quickly.

I like the brightness of the Energizer and the price is great. So can anybody recommend a high lumen AA light that’s similar but with better temperature regulation? Thanks.

I’m not entirely sure what the question is but here’s some facts that unfortunately have no work-around:
All lightsources, even leds, are way less than 50% efficient, so any light output comes together with an amount of heat, the more light, the more heat. That heat will stay somewhere, and if the flashlight produces a lot of light and still stays cool, there’s heat building up inside: not good for the led which has to stay under 100 degrees C.

So a hot flashlight is basically a good thing, a cool flashlight that produces a lot of light is a device to worry about.

“Also, I briefly had one of those cheap tactical lights rated at 900 lumens. I never used that light for more than 10 minutes, but it didn’t get warm. (Returned because the switch was defective.)”

“Rated at” and actual out the front lumens are two totally different and unrelated numbers in “cheap tactical” lights. I’d doubt it was putting out anything close to 900 lumens.

Thanks for the feedback. Ollie, the Energizer 900 lumen light is a 3 led model. djozz, to clarify, I’m wondering if the heat will diminish battery life or even the life of the flashlight itself.

I’ve been reading conflicting opinions about heat generation, thermal paths, etc. The first post in this thread from another forum is one example:

I’m definitely no expert, but a normal 1 inch diameter light putting out 1000 lumens wont be able to stay cool over an extended period of time, but it can be alleviated a bit by metals that are better at conducting heat, like copper. My s2+ triple has a copper spacer instead of an aluminum one but I don’t think that makes a huge difference in the end. The other way is to get a larger mass to absorb and dissipate the heat, so a larger light like the multi emitter soda can style lights will be able to maintain similar outputs for longer periods without overheating.

Modern 18650 batteries can work fine up to 50-60C, at that temperature it is already too hot to hold, I wouldn’t worry about the cell’s health.

This is true most quality batteries are rated for 60°C discharge temperature

as a matter of fact you can see in the datasheets that the batteries have less voltage drop and better capacity at 40°C than on 25°C

so they provide more energy when the battery gets some temperature from the LEDs
to get the battery to 40°C it probaby needs to be 15°C hotter on the positive side than on the tailcap

Niteowl are you using high drain lithium batteries or off the shelf AAs?

Thanks for the additional info. Joey, I’m using the 6 alkaline batteries that came with the light.

Yup, get yourself 2 pack of 4 Ladda AA 2450mAh from Ikea and a charger too.
You’ll have more energy, virtually no self-discharge, no leak, and a good 500 cycles of recharge before losing capacity.

As far as a light of comparable output that does not get “hot”, TN4A from Thrunite would fit the bill $50, plus you would certainly do better with rechargable nimh batteries if you plan to use it on the higher modes. It does get warm for sure, but never to hot to hold. In reality you likely don’t need to use it on high or turbo very long, but I don’t know how you need to use yours. High quality light from a company with great customer service.

They always have 5% off, and sometimes 20% off.

Thanks again everybody for your comments. I have AA rechargeables but I read in a review that the Energizer end cap design can cause damage to the batteries and the inner metal disk. So before trying better batteries I wanted to see how the alkalines fared. Just unscrewed the end cap and the batteries have some scuffs and scrapes. The metal disk in the cap has been badly scratched up by the contact pin. So I'm going to return the light. I considered swapping for the 1300 lumen model but it looks like it has the same end cap design.

Any recommendations for a different AA light rated around 700 lumens or above and <$25 ? Would prefer something with a warranty. Thanks.

I don’t know all companies, but for non lithium rechargable aa batteries, 700 lumens and <$25 is not happening with a warranty. That is based on the three makers I am most familiar with, thrunite, nitecore and manker. Saw a Klarius single AA that claims 700 lumnes, but that is lithium rechargable. closest I found in price was thrunite 2Av3 at $30, 500 lumens.

good luck in your search.

No such light exists… at least not with a single Eneloop AA.

Closest thing I can think of is a Manker E11 from Amazon at $30. But it still won’t do 700 L form an eneloop. You’ll need to step up to 14500 IMR cells, and even then the ~650 Lumens will step down after 2-3 minutes IIRC. 1AA sized lights get very hot at these brightness levels too, so even if it doesn’t auto-step down, its good practice to not leave them continually ON at these output levels.

[EDIT] For some reason I was assuming you wanted a single AA light. So my commentary above is directed towards that. There are more options if you are OK with multiple AA designs.


That’s like asking — any automobiles ( gasoline powered) with engines that don’t heat up
During use?

A very fast car that doesn’t need cooling system?

This will stay on max and get warm but not too hot too hold, awesome torch

kramer5150, I don’t want a single battery light. The Energizer light I’m looking to replace uses 6 AA batteries and has 3 leds. I’m considering the Coast PS 600. High is 710 lumens, uses 4 AAs, but only has one led. Has a warranty. I can get it for <$30. But I’m open to other suggestions.

how about this light

sometimes the Nitecore EA45S is on sale for 36.99$

EA45S is discontinued and WAS on sale at that price 8 months ago.
It can’t be found for that now ( including recent Massdrop-which was cancelled)
It it was available at that price—I would have bought several. It’s on EBay for $60+