Any info on this 1xAAA Astrolux A01 Nichia 219B at banggood?

While looking around, I came across this Astrolux A01 Nichia 219B 1xAAA flashlight. It has low, med, high, and strobe. They claim a max of 102 lumens and a 90 CRI. Sounds pretty good for $10, except you have to wait for the slow boat from China to get it.

Does anyone have this, or know if this is some kind of clone of some other light?

Well spoil the surprise, I was going to do a review on this when I get it in… It is on its way and I am thinking a good review should be followed with a group buy if it looks good…

Good find, I think their web department is a bunch of workaholics…

The shape is very similar to this
Manker Boney
Closer examination shows some differences though. The Astrolux appears to have a lens.

You could say it is the next generation Manker Boney…

For less than $10 that’s actually a very good deal. Good find!

Paul321, ReManG: Wow, good find. The outside sure does look similar to the Manker Boney. One difference I did spot is that the Astrolux has a keyring/lanyard hole at the tail end.

ReManG: I’m looking forward to your review.

very interested in the possible GB. Nice find.


I will decide to buy or not to buy after ReManG posted his review.
Most likely I will buy one, and will likely buy more if GB is possible.

I didn’t like the emitter set-up on the Boney. I like this much better.

Why, why, why? Why must I read new posts and discover these nice little finds which get the wheels turning.

Nice looking little light.

RemanG is most definitely one of the wittle light gurus!

Might be my first Nichia flashlight. Hope it has a low low and either starts on low or med. And as durable as my Fenix e01.

Wonder who will be the first to try it on a 10440? :evil:

well I’d prefer this over 5mm LED anytime

The purple option is going to be a winner.

Anything with a lens will have a tough time being that tough, this 5mm LED’s are much harder to break than a glass lens…. different lights for sure, so not a good thing to compare these lights except in size… This has modes for instance. I am of course hoping it is a tough little booger, but the abuse the E01 can take is huge…

I’m waiting for the BG coupon to buy a few of these lights.

EDIT: I mean a better one than “BLF”.

Ill gamble on one!

I guess I wont be eating lunch today.

I’m in :slight_smile:

+1 :bigsmile:

ReManG, is this the Manker Boney ver. 2.0 you was talking in another thread, right?
With a GB I think we can buy it for around 6/7$ (without any kind of modification). Another win/win situation! :smiley:

hahaha me too!!!