Any other C8 XM-L2 U3's?

So I’m finally deciding to purchase a C8 style light and am looking for one with a XM-L2 U3 emitter SMO reflector of descent quality and price. The only one I have found that fits the bill is this TangsFire from Tmart HERE $20 isn’t bad especially considering it is shipped from the US. (unfortunately the coupon code has expired but maybe Louis will help us out and extend the courtesy)

Are there any other C8 XM-L2 U3’s out there that are note worthy?

The U3 part has been discussed several times. It’s most likely a T6 or maybe a U2, but either way its not a noticeable difference and to be able to measure the small difference takes quite a bit of work to eliminate the many variables involved.

The thing about the Tangsfire at Tmart is the driver that utilizes direct drive on High and allows for 4+ amps (battery dependent).

If you aren’t planning on modding it the extra current to the stock aluminum star really just adds more heat than it’s worth. I would personally go with this Convoy C8 if you are keeping it stock.
Current regulated 2.8A, XML2 with CW or NW tint options w/ smo reflector. $16.12

I’m probably going to keep this one stock for a little while (until I get bored with it I’m sure). If it doesn’t make a difference then I guess there isn’t much use in purchasing that one for the extra $. I’d like to find one that is shipped from the US as I need it within the next 2 weeks or so.

The XinTD C8 look awesome (especially the green o-ring on the head) but it’s twice as much as the Convoy C8 you listed.