Anybody Have One of These? Any other inexpensive recommendations?

Just picked up one of these:

Anyone else tried it? For $2.94, it looks pretty nice.

Other budget recommendations?

Ive noticed these cheap SkyWolfEye lights on Ebay, havent ordered one.
Not sure if they come with real Cree and if they do hows the quality of the lights.

Make sure to report back when you receive one ;)!

You can almost be guaranteed that any cheap light on Ebay will not have a Cree led. Going by the pictures in the link the light does not have a Cree led. Pictures have been known to be wrong though so good luck.

Yes, I’ll let you know when it gets here. Its an ePacket delivery, so hopefully it gets here quick.

I thought it looked like a Q5 emitter in the photo? But I’m not an expert on that.

If it is not an XM-L, better hope it is a Q5 because if it’s a Lattice Bright it will be way worse than the Q5

Don’t hurt yourself with those 3,000 lumens… :wink:

I have one in the mail right now. I have an extra xml laying around so i can swap it if it is a lattice bright. For this price range im sure a sipik 68 clone cant be beat. But I thought i would give this light a chance. I will report back what i find out.

“belongdingding” :bigsmile:

Other seller 2.39

If the led is indeed a XP-E as in the picture, I think it could perform pretty well (swapping the XP-E for a XM-L will destroy the throw!). But the build will be very thin, the threads are too short and gritty, the driver will have terrible pwm.

Forget about all that! I wanna know why anyone would choose GOLD! :Sp The same seller also has silver and black options. :wink:

You know , I actually have a light that I like that’s gold, and if this one looks too bad, I’ll use it in the dark lol. But thanks for the tIP on the other colors, maybe I should have got the other. Pretty happy with the one I got right now though

Yeah, I hate to be hoping for a Q5, but that’s where we’re at now, unfortunately. Although I have a cheap zoomie in this price range with a Q5 that actually was outperforming an XML light, sort of , since it had a more focused reflector. An XP-E would be great. I wasn’t aware of LB until after I got it.

Yes, I’ll have to wear my sunglasses at night, to protect myself from all those 3000 lumens lol

Yellowish colored hosts are handy for swapping in amber emitters, just to keep track of which is which.

That’s a good idea

I received the gold skywolfeye light and if it is an xpe then its pretty weak. It looks like an LB emitter because of the intense blue hue and on high was running at 0.5 amps. PATHETIC!
I opened it up today and decided on an xml t6 with a nanjg 105c @2.8 amps. The pill is hollow but the heat dissipation isnt too bad. I took out the zoomie and added a reflector I had from another light and theit works. You just have to zoom it in all the way to accomodate the reflector then screw on the cap with the glass in it. It makes a decent host and now I have another LB I can burn.

So it’s a spot/throw/beam only, no zoom out to flood — hm.

What diameter emitter and driver does the pill take? Is it worth getting to use just as a host?
I’d rather drop in a copper disk to cover the hole and try to keep it a useful zoom light, if the flood is even and not terrible.

“Belongdingding” is selling a lot of cheap lights, and cheap doesn’t always mean budget. Cheaper than SK68 clones even.\_odkw=&\_ssn=belongdingding&item=201452227298&\_osacat=0&\_from=R40&\_trksid=p2046732.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC2.A0.H0.Xflashlight.TRS1&\_nkw=flashlight&\_sacat=0\_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&\_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D34225%26meid%3D425a830c1a3443b9ac6bba63e12f47d6%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D291591880949

Curious about this one as well …
i sort of hate the gold lights as well …but a wire brush and sa little effort to abuse it made it kind of brassy with lots of roughed up silver and hints of some gold …with the shine knocked down …i one of the little 2$ zoomies looked halfway decently antiqued .
post some pics when you get your skywoolfeyes//zoomaster :stuck_out_tongue:

Hank, it is a zoomie light its just after i put the xml and the nanjg driver, I decided to try to see if the reflector I had would fit. So you can keep it a zoomie if you wanted. Just keep in mind, I had to pry the plastic ring holding in the emitter in place so i nearly destroyed it. So now the reflector is holding it in place. I also found a glass lens laying around to fit, replacing the convex lens it comes with. No o ring though so it will not be waterproof.

The driver is a 17mm amd its a tight fit so you can do some filing if you want it to fit better. The xml emitter I used is 16mm. I think its a great host for the money. I wouldnt have bought it if i didnt have a flashlight graveyard to lego some pieces to it incase the stock light sucked (which it does). Dont buy it if you need to buy parts to mod it to your liking. There are much better options for that. Also I think an xml at 2.8 amps is too much for this host. It gets pretty hot after a minute or two. Adding some copper might make it better but not sure. The pill just has a little ledge to set the emitter but it does screw into the hst instead of just dropping in. Let me know what you decide on doing.

Ill post some pics when i have a chance just promise not to laugh at my soldering. Lol. My xml has been soldered and unsoldered to several lights and it looks toasted but works fine. This light may be where it stays. I have some xpg2’s on the way foe other lights.

Came in today, in less than 2 weeks. Pretty happy with that.

It’s not the most solid light, but ok. Push-pull zoom. Projects led, and goes wide

Here’s the emitter, not sure best way to post photos from phone. Photo my copyright :

Is that an xpe?