anyone here have spare drivers and the ability to mod a t6 c8?

not sure if you guys remember my thread a while back asking for a floody c8. something with a orange peel or shallow reflector…
well anyways, i was able to find one from a seller on ebay from the U.S.
It is labeled tite-light. looks like every other xml c8 out there, but boy can this light flood!!
the flood/spill from this thing is redonkulous. my sk98 clone was thought to be the moon everytime i turn it on, but now, this c8 is even bigger.

unfortunately, its a bit underdriven. i love this light and would really wish there was a way to mod it….maybe replace driver, resister mod, i dunno, something.
so im asking fellow members here, any of you guys think you can work on this light to make it brighter for me?

I could…… but do you really wish to post a light to England, have a driver swapped then pay postage back? :bigsmile:

c8’s are generally not to bad to driver swap, as long as the pill is not hollow, why not order a 3a nanjg and 20mm contact board (just in case) from intloutdoor and give it a go yourself? Everyone will offer up advice/support and then you get to learn a bit, if you can driver swap a c8, a diy host build is plain sailing and the fun really starts from then on. :bigsmile:

I like a floody C8 too! See a related thread on this: Link here

There should be someone in the US that will do it. I’d do it, but posting to me would cost as much or more than the light. Then it needs posting back.

i have very bad luck when it comes to dissasembling lights, ive broken about 4 lights so far, and latest being the skyray king (when it was worth $70). after that loss, i told myself never again hahah.

unless it was very simple mod where its like no soldering, at just replace old with new driver. id just feel more comfortable sending it off to a modder on here, where he can play around with it and make it bright as possible, maybe even direct drive if thats an option.

ill pay you for your time! i believe i found the perfect handheld flooder.

You really wouldn't have to send the whole light ... the pill unscrews doesn't it ??

i'd either do it yourself or take it to a truckstop / cb shop an ask them to solder it for you ,,$5 ~10 bucks max and done in 13 seconds ...bring your light but i'd have it torn down before i got there and ask for a driver removal and an guess is you create a flashaholic in less than 5 minutes ... bring a 5$ sk68 as a possible trade ..also watch and see how effortlessly they do it .. it will shame you into doing basic mods :P

Ok I'd take all four in and pay them 20$ would take them ... 9 minutes ...

bring beer

listen to the boaz, he speaks sense, I bet that if you found a cb enthusiast or tv enthusiast, they’d have them all sorted, teach you some skills and be a flashlight convert, anyone with that kind of interest would get a kick out of it, what do you think got me into it?

I’m a tinkerer, a British man and his shed (ok, dining room table, I have aspirations….) its honestly not rocket science, just a fun hobby to enjoy. 8)

One BLF Sinkpad

One XM-L2 T6 or U2 emitter

3.04 Amp AMC Driver or East - 092 Direct Drive

Brass Heat Sink/Driver Pill

Thermal Paste Packet

You could learn to Re-Flow, Solder

I can do it, I got a 7135 drivers and chips to bump up the amps, and a orange peel reflector

flomotion- do you already have all those items you mentioned?

nitro- i already have the orange peel reflector. with the 7135 driver, and chips, how many amps you think you can get me at?

I can add a chip to get around 3.5a, did u deside what led u want ?

nitro- do you have any leds available at the moment? i acutally have two of these c8’s to mod.
3.5amps seems pretty good to me.

All my C8's are 3.85A now, but I add copper inside the pill. I'd do it for no extra cost. If it's a Nanjg driver you have, I can program it to whatever modes you want as well, or I got extra Nanjg drivers. The 7135's I got are no cost basically - 13 cents from FastTech, I bought the 100 piece reel. I'll also light meter/light box the lumens and throw before/after.

tom e- im not sure what type of driver is in there now. all i can tell you is that its not a screw in pill, and it has a t6 led.
3.85 amps sound even better. i basically would want to overdrive this light because i love it sooo much. it wont see much continous run time so i dont care much bout the heat as long as i can maybe use it on high for like 3-5 minutes before turning off or switching to medium.
if i can get even more amps or a direct drive id be fine with that also.

this light is gonna be super once the mod is done, its just a plain cheapo c8, but wait till you guys see how the spill flood on this thing. the skyray king has nuthin on it even!

C8 without a screw-in pill? I didn’t know such a beast existed. Sounds like a thermal path nightmare.

Nothing yet, but if u let me know what u like I can order them when I place my order at illminationsupply

Ohh - not a screw in pill for a C8. Hhmm, there are lots of variations out there of a C8. Of course I've modded plenty of lights not having a screw in pill, but in C8's, I haven't seen that yet - got one with a hollow pill, one with a non-std sized C8 pill, then of course a few that worked out well with replacing the aluminum stock pill with a brass one.

Well I got extra Nanjg drivers, so not a prob - only $3 from FastTech for 2.8A, easy to program and add 7135's to. Let me know.

i do have 3 xml leds that i accidently ripped off my skyray king when i was trying to remove the bezel , reflector…see, i told you im an amateur.
i was thinking maybe i can use that for the c8’s.
anybody know what xmls the first generation skyray kings had? i bought the king about a year ago

Just to ask, aren’t you planning to repair the SRK? ,Maybe you can ask for a c8 upgrade and SRK repair combo!