Anyone know anything about this brand?

A non-flashaholic shared this page with me asking me if I’d heard of them but it doesn’t ring any bells. Probably just knock-offs with a laughable price I’m guessing because one or two of them look like sipik clones but I’m not enough of an expert to tell. Thx

Lol “Lightning Distance”… I didn’t even see that. X }

edit: Nevermind. I see that you did type lighting and not “lightning”. Wouldn’t have surprised me if you had…

Yep… many of us are familiar with that rip-off “Heider” brand.
They try to sell a Sipik SK68 clone for a ridiculous $ 50 bucks. ( that CF1 named model on that page.) That bicycle light they are trying to sell for $ 90 plus dollars is the same one we had here recently in a $ 8 dollar Group Buy.

I have this: (got it for $72 then)

And they have this: ($169.90!)

different color head band, but the same light for 12 bucks:

Not again this seller :(
We have a few threads about this shop (most about the Sipik clone). The higher quality Heider looks all like Xeno, which have a good quality, but availalbel for the half price.

MMX --> Xeno Cube E11

BBX --> Xeno G5

Heider CF1 = $10 SIPIK SK68?

Really Heider? they tried to rip off customers !!

Rip OFF Lights


Caveat Emptor.


The Heider brand with the same logo popped up today in a facebook style ad,
this time for a spotting scope: Heider Pro Zoom X1 monoscope
$129, not a bad price ?
There are similar scopes on ebay $60 cheaper.

another URL :http://www.heider

A small mercy, no doubt.

Jumping up to the root, Norman Schwartzkopf had a name for this:

“Bovine Scatology”.

Save your money, delete this thread, lurk here on BLF for a few days. You’ll be 3 times richer.