Anyone still want to get UF-2100 3 modes flashligh from DD with a Discount?

Hey, here the UF-2100 from DD is coming again. If you missed the last chance to keep one, please get one for you now; If you have bought one last time but still want one or more, just place the order here:

The coupon code for it is: FOR2100 with 20% off to make the price to $14.95

Again, the three modes are: High-Low-Strobe

Do not miss this opportunity again.Cool


Hello, thanks for your great support again. I am glad to tell you that the expiry date for this coupon has been extended to October 8th our time, if there are other members still interested in this, please just feel free to place the order.Thanks.

great light at a great price..thanks summer!

Before I order I need someone to confirm that this light is even close to 1000 lumens. The last "1000 lumen" light I ordered was about 300 lumens.

Actually if the emitter is T6 and it is driven at 3A the best it can do is around 900 emitter lumens a bit less if you care about OTF lumens. That is for a short time before sagging and overheating.

This light would be best if driven about 2,4A oh high. At least i would make sense. Around 600 lumens is sensible and the ability to run it more than a minute is welcome too.

The body is too tiny to want it direct driven at 3A+. Driven at anything less than 2A is also not desired.

mu uf-2100 pulls 3.1a off a fresh tf flame..while not 1000 lumens it's definitely 800 or so..very bright for it's size and heats up quickly ( 2 mins it's warm)..which is a good thing..heat dispersion is not a bad thing..i've used this light 5-8 mins and then the body is getting hot..but I rarely need a light for more than a few minutes before shutting it off..for the price it's a great edc with wow quality..

Here is a review about it:

If this deal is still going on September 30th I will get one. I missed the first deal for this torch.

Let me know how long this discount is lasting Summer.

yes, till September 30th

mmmh and why it isnt possible to get a UF-H2, which want a ton of ppl too?

Well, for that money, UF-2100 is excellent, bought one more



I don't think you will see it again at that low price. Would you pay more now?

You snooze, you lose. I did. I missed out.

Oh and Summer, I ordered a 2100 after the first group buy was over. I paid on the 9th. When I finally get it, I will decide if I want another.


Well driven XM-L with a nice form factor and a nice price => Can't skip this one => Ordered one: 65778932-DD

Thanks Summer!

I was disappointed I missed this one the first go around, so thanks for bringing it back. I would really love to get rid of strobe and have L-M-H, but at this price I could spring for a new driver.

Thanks for the good deal, ordered one: 5W9Q3954-DD

Picked one up for 15 between codes. Single mode. Hopefully it will pull between 1.5 and 2 amps.

Should know in a few weeks.

EDIT: Just hit the switch on this 3-mode too. Good discount!


Just ordered one


I got a 5-mode version the first time. I like it a lot, especially the tint. Let's see if I'm just as lucky this time.

Ordered one...



Well, it´s a bit early to get christmas present for my friend but I have already been thinking about this one so why not.

At least it should be here in time :D


I decided to take a chance after debating the first time around. Thanks, Summer!

Order# 60308859-DD