anything to talk about glow sticks?

Its been a while since I played with glow sticks but now that I found a source for dirt cheap glow sticks (1.50 Malaysian ringgit per stick or 50c USD)

I was curious to see if anyone still using them for something serious other than lighting up parties

I keep about 10 in each of my cars just in case I need something to lay down on the road if I run out of flares. I also have 3 flashlights in each car but I’m not laying those out on the road :slight_smile:

I also keep a bunch in my earthquake supplies just to use as a last resort. If we have to walk somewhere in the dark I figure I can attach the glow lights to the back of family members to be able to track them easier.

my personal favorite is the cyalume brand, they are bright and last for a while, unlike the dollar store brands ~1USD/stick

how long do they last?

I had some expensive camping coleman glowsticks and they barely last 6 hours but some cheapo glowsticks i had lasts more than 9 hours before dying into moonlight mode.

i got mine from a store in Malaysia called Mr. DIY
pretty darn bright when using it. dropped in useable brightness after 9 hours
after 18hours (tonight as i type this)
still emitting a faint glow but only in darkness

lol I just realized I repeated the same sentence twice…

I replaced my car’s emergency lightsticks with these. Pretty cheap in comparison, and with that price I can afford to swap out yearly. The original (came with the car) was 3 years old, and barely lit when I snap it.

now that makes me curious if glowsticks do die of age like batteries or they die due to some other factors

if storebought glowsticks are already dead by age… hmmmmm

Agreed ordered a bunch from Amazon this summer for the kids!

How to make glow Sticks extremely bright!

owow dat video

why not just put in boiling water lol

Microwaving a sealed container of liquid then waving it in front of your face until it explodes, pretty sure Jack isn’t the smart one in the family. Dad wasn’t much help either.


Dad is more worried about the son’s “beautiful shirt” than his eyes. Besides the chemicals there is also broken glass. When you snap glow sticks its a thin inner glass vial that your breaking.

apparently beautiful shirt costs more than raising his child lol

btw any of you used mini glowsticks?

I saw this while googling and they seemed like temporary trit vials lol
I believe I saw some on my nearby store but never bought it to try. (never wanted red sticks as they usually sucked)

so many party based glowsticks of so many kind
Gotta try em all one day lol :party:

Extremely long life glow stick

I can not help the notion that if you use light indirectly to repeatedly charge a phosfor to make it glow, you would have got more light (less conversion loss) if you just let an efficient (if you like the GITD colour, use a green or lime one ;-) ) led do the lightmaking work continuously....


So cute!! :smiley: How long do they last?

I have to wonder about the difference between GITD pigments, and phosphor used in normal leds, ive been thinking about some remote phosphor/GITD using a uv led instead of the royal blue that regular leds use

My daughter likes the one that are sold as bracelets and they seem to last a ton longer than I remember. most are dead after 9ish hours, but some are moon light bright for a day or two afterwards. I can not help to think that temperature they are stored at might have something to do with how long they are good for. I know that being exposed to light causes them to break down.

gonna buy some mini sticks today
will see how they do when night falls~

I guess glowsticks are preserved best on cold areas~
It’s never below 25 degree celcius in Malaysia. Always warm. (air coolers are switched off in stores at night anyway)

Glowsticks are always dead or poor in quality here until this shop brings in fresh stock with manufacture date printed on it :open_mouth: