I’ve already made this for my TrustFire TR-3T6 flashlight and it works now with any bike battery pack (8,4 V) .
It’s a patent that you can use for any flashlight in the market and make it a strong bike light with minimum cost
For Apex 5t6 I had to make different battery pack (4,2V) and of course a new plate with heavy duty holder

I had to make an aluminum plate with a friend of mine with lathe-bearing.
The difficult part was to found a solution for power contacts especially for (+) , so I use a big spring and it was perfect for the job without scratching the driver .
You have to be very careful with insulation between spring (+) and plate (-)

waterproof battery case from PVC pipe with two new 18650 parallel holders

Waterproof in line switch from DX

If you want it only for bike use and handlebar you can use this kind of switches (more expensive)

Everything ready.
Total cost for plate, waterproof switch, and battery holders, 25 euros
I will soon upload a video with my new bike light - but you already know almost everything about APEX from others reviews and the amount of light it can give.
You can always use low and mid mode for a city ride and high if you want to get crazy :slight_smile:

Thanks Jim

Cool, but I hope that’s not destined to be used on the public roads. Blinding on coming cars has to be a bit of dumb idea tbh.

Well it is mounted on a mountain bike....

Very well done, jlogres - I'm interested in where you got your clamp mount? Can you post up some night shots later?

Well obviously that solves that then. Funny how I don’t live near a mountain at all yet I see in the region of 50+ mountain bikes used every day. In fact there’s one by my front door and that’s never so much as seen a mountain.

that is impressive :slight_smile: must be nice in the forrest

Now that is impressive jlogres!

Good thing as you mentioned it’s got low and medium modes for urban riding. :wink:

Now if only there is a way to stop those idiot drivers who rather dangerously neglect to acknowledge cyclists when turning/pulling over……

That’s why I said low and mid mode for public roads and high if you want to get crazy - in city with all this lights you don’t want a light to see but to be seen so even in low is more than enough and there is no way to blind people with low mode.
But I believe that you don’t need to buy or build such a strong light for city use , a strobe led with 5 euros is more than enough.

I took it from an old 10$ bike light I had and I was lucky because the quality is very good and strong and also it has a screw to take it of the old light and screw it to the plate.
I will soon upload some night shots or video soon

I’m going to start a very similar project, my 5t6 was delivered just today. Now I have to find a switch for the handlebar, I want to find a handlebar mount for 2 switches, to install an on/off switch in series with a temporary NC switch to change the modes. Obviously I need only one, but for the off road ride I like to practice, it’s better to have a dedicated switch only ,to change modes. I don’t like when I accidentally switch off the light when I only wanted to change the mode.

Now I have to pay some beers to a lathe operator friend, and find the switch, and some kind of clamp made with gun mounts

Nice job, lets see those beamshots or videos, I didn’t have time to check my light today, I’m waiting for the night…

What a terrific mod. Very creative and should light up those trails no problems.

Two better photos of the plate


very nice… i always want to do this to one of my lights… maybe with Trustfire TR-J18 :smiley:
thanks for the tip… :beer:
how do you keep the spring to stay on the plate?

Thanks DayLighter.
I am waiting for your project :slight_smile:
I heated the spring and manage to stuck it on a RC servo plate I had , or else I was going to glue them together.
And after I glue and screw it with the aluminum plate.

Great project !

what we need now is some beam shots… preferably somewhere nice and dark place :wink:

I thought that 2x18650 parallel holders didn’t exist. Where did you get them?

there’s a lot of those on ebay… i think i saw them on fasttech too :slight_smile:

Couldn’t find one in parallel :frowning:

maybe this will work?

I found them at aliexpress


They say now 50 pieces , but at November you could order one holder for 2.55 $.
The only problem with this one is that’s very difficult to fit protected 18650 - with my Panasonic 3100 protected there is no way to fit them (bigger than others).
So for this project I use my Samsung 2800 unprotected