Are there any XM-L2's left that can handle 6+ amps?

Then he’s going to be pissed when I look hard at my K50vn and eventually figure out if, and how, the bond wires have been strengthened. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I love a good challenge, if that’s the only way to get high amps through an XM-L2 I’m planning on figuring it out.

He can keep the diamond pixie dust sprinkling. I don’t like cool white beams anyway.

Oh, and lest anyone think I have a problem with Vinz. Nope, I just like learning, and don’t like it when people won’t share. I’d jump all over buying another of his lights if I found the right deal.

2 Different modders Vinh is not Vinz and vice versi! Vinh does a Burn in? Old school technique.

Apparently it’s hard for me to keep them straight.

Originally I was thinking it was Vinh, but assumed I was just wrong with Vinz being thrown around so much. So actually, I was wrong about being wrong.

Also, I’m curious how burn in could improve power handling. Is it not about the power, but something else like improved efficiency?

I believe the XP-L is getting right at 7A, I did initial testing but didn’t test the light once completed and it’s on it’s way to Georgia.

1842 de-domed would be at or over 2000 with the dome on. :slight_smile:

Can we get a close up shot :)

Vinh Nguyen is in Seattle Washington, while Vinz is in Germany.

Vinh is good at pushing things to the max but can’t solder worth a crap and admits it freely.

Vinz is an artist that doesn’t release anything that isn’t perfect. :wink: (still wanting me some Vinz action) lol

I built up an Eagle Eye X6 host a week or so ago with an XM-L2 U3 1A from Richard that makes 1811 lumens in the X6. I first put a de-domed one in, saw it doing 1600+ with the dome removed and swapped in that emitter’s brother for the higher output.

When I tried XM-L2 U3 1A’s in the TK61 I just did, several fried when pushing 7A. Go figure.

Every time a LED fries, I get a little tear in my eye

+ 1

Nope. Sorry, but that’s a light I am not going to open up. “My Precious” :bigsmile: :wink:


Thanks, I vaguely recall reading something like that now that you mention it. It should stick now.

Here’s a picture of the emitter in the K50vn.

And no, I didn’t open it up, just a picture with my phone through the lens.

Well, I guess your way better then me in taking pictures then……


Well it looks like a burn in cycle is going to get tested on my emitters to see if I can lower the Vf. It doesn’t help the death at high amps, but could be useful for single battery setups where the high Vf is the limiting factor.

Sounds kinda like what needs to be done on new plasma TV’s to get them right. Most people don’t do this, but the results are much better than those that just go straight to using it. I did a color test/burn in for 48 hours straight on my plasma before it ever had a movie/TV playing.

I don’t think so, just plasmas I believe.

Your pic shows some interesting things, but in summary, it shows the difference between Vinh and Vinz. :wink:

LOL Dale. That picture is spot on. That’s a hot mess in there.

Is that thermal compound around the led? I think he is doing that to help transfer heat from the MPCB to the metal reflector, not a bad idea if you do not plan to open the light. By looking at the marks it looks like he pokes with a blade around 3 of the edges and then just pries it off, I don’t see anything done to the wires, does anyone have a Vinz light that can take a pic of the die?