Are you primarily a flashlight collector?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

From reading some of the recent threads it would appear that most BLF members are primarily collectors. However there may be a “silent majority” who are not. Who knows?
We’ll see I guess :slight_smile:
I’m not a collector but I have a few more than I actually need in a sense I suppose.
Maybe there should be more choices in the poll than I have provided but I think it essentially covers the range. If you have 100 lights then you are a collector even though obviously you also use flashlights.
If you only have 2 or 3 well thought out flashlights that you use at work every day then you aren’t a collector.
If you have 10-15 flashlights spread out throughout the house, car, backpacks etc. then you probably still have a few more than you need but really aren’t a collector in the sense that I’m using it.
Of course you could only have 10-15 flashlights and still primarily be a collector.
So, which category fits you best?

still puts us ahead of stamp collectors; they never actually use their stamps.

I've started out this journey looking for "the perfect flashlight(s)" for underground mine surveying. I have bought some to test out (and get a feel for emitters/reflectors throw, flood, etc . . .). I am still working on my optimum light for my original "need", but in the meantime I am also enjoying what I am buying and being drawn into the addiction of it. I voted for #2, but am quickly approaching #3.


I use and need flashlight in my life. Right now, +1 for "I use flashlights but I'm primarily a collector.". Why? Well, after I discovered that there are more flashlights and emitters besides Mags... :bigsmile: I've started to "collect" all type of lights (and they're all different in some aspects) just to know what type of light I need. I've asked and have seen questions like "Best AA light?", etc. but if you aren't so poor, it's better to get more than 1 light (emitter, size, reflector...). Anyway, you can sell the other one you use the less :)

for me personal:

need = performance

collecting = appearance


Maybe anyone who has baked ANY flashlight could be considered as a collector?

But to be honest anyone who has joined BLF must consider themselves as a collector maybe with varying degrees of flashaholicism....Cool

Should there be a category for those of us who dribble on their keyboards while viewing FlashlightFoys pictures?

I'm not sure. But I think I'm primarily a collector.

I bought several flashlight only to have them, knowing that I would never use some of these. Still I haven't one with that particular LED, the other one has been discontinued so it's the last chance to buy it and so on...

Ok, I'm definitely a collector.

I wanted to vote 2, but the word 'need' is a little too strong. I am a collector, but I don't have any shelf queens...

Welcome to BLF!
However I disagree with your premises :slight_smile:
Buying a flashlight doesn’t make you a collector. You buy bread but you probably don’t collect it.
Being a member of BLF doesn’t necessarily make you a collector either. Having an interest in flashlights doesn’t make you a collector. There are many aspects of this “hobby” other than or in addition to collecting.
I think there are a large number of collectors here however :slight_smile:

Wait, I didn't see a button for "I use flashlights but I have an Obsessive Compulsive need to buy more than I will ever need or use"

I picked 3, but it's a toss up with 2.

Haha…let me help you…you picked the right choice (3) :slight_smile:

I also didn 't see a choice for -

I use flashlights but I have an OC need to buy lights that should have been done a little differently and then modify them :)

Thanks gcbryan!

Ok I have to admit I buy flashlights because I ride my bikes at night, fact!

I have 6 bikes, fact

I have 10 flashlights and 3 on order, fact

I have flashlights with incans, Q3, Q5, R2, P7, R5 & T6 and have baked flashlights, legoed shells, swapped emitters and drivers, fact

Only 1 of my bikes has a flashlight attached to it, fact

I thought I was really a bike collector???

Nah! I read things on BLF everyday but only visit Bikeradar when I know someone is talking about flashlights

+1 Didn't mean to be a collector but after 60 + purchases I suppose I am. I use them all, I really do!

Somewhat of a collector, but I prefer thinking of myself as a flashlight researcher. I want to see how different flashlights perform, how the LED's behave, what can be accomplished. I think the thing that drives me is that I'm always looking for a perfect flashlight and they never invent it, so I keep looking. I'm not really buying that many lights right now though.

I primarily buy what I need and I try not to become a collector since I already have a few other money sucking hobbies. Lately I have found myself wanting every good looking AAA light that I see and I already have enough to consider myself a AAA collector so I guess my wallet is safe to the extend that my flashholism is somewhat contained within AAA lights.

Soon or later we'll all become collectors. It's just inevitable when you're checking this forum everyday!

Welcome to BLF, night porter! Fellow cyclist and night rider here. You have me beat by one bike, but I edged you out on torches.

Hello my name is SecaRob and I am a collector

I definitely fall into the second camp. I never buy or keep a flashlight unless I know it will be used, and used often.

I guess I'd terms myself as an "enthusiast" though, because truthfully I could get by with just an LD01 if I really wanted to.