aspire 18350 discontinued..?

The Aspire 18350 batteries were discontinued by the manufacturer, anyone know why, or who has some still…?
Weren’t they the highest capacity and highest discharge rate of any 18350, by a large margin…?

MTN is out and can’t order any more.

Were these re-branded, if so who was the manufacturer, and do they still produce them…?
Is there a better 18350 out now…?

Aspire 18350 1100mAh Battery

Many unanswered questions…

I was hoping for a 16340 from the same factory.

Hopefully a brand like Keeppower will use these cells.

Musk bought them all for his compact car. :rage:

Keeppower has a 1200mAh cell that seems to be the same thing, currently available from RTDvapor

If anyone’s interested, check out your nearest not-yet-defunct Rat Shack for their probably discontinued stock, namely their “DE” (“Digital Energy”?) cells.

I got a pair of 16340s (using one in my Jet-II) and a pair of 18350s. The latter are rated 800mAH, but after running them (twice!) through my C3100, I’m getting just a shade under 900mAH from both! 893mAH and 898mAH or something like that.

I’m tempted to put my 16340s through them, and my single 26650, and check their ratings. If they hold up, Hell, I’d be tempted to order a few more of at least the shorty cells. (Got enough LK 26650s.)

They’re protected, so I doubt they’d push all that many amps out the door, but you can always unwrap/strip/rewrap the cells.

Just a somewhat surprising alternative if you don’t need real Aspires. :smiley:

Lionwholesale is out now, too. I got three earlier in the week. Now, I wish I’d ordered 3 more.

The KeepPower UH1835P is the closest performing cell in HKJ's comparator, possibly from the same OEM as the Aspire.

Cheers :-)

I just bought 3 from there. I really like the battery, so I thought, I better stock up on a few more before there gone.
The keeppower is the same battery from what I have seen of HKJ’s testing as mentioned above.

Hey guys, these are indeed discontinued, but we have a replacement now. The Vapcell 18350 is the same thing as the Aspire was under the wrapper, and we now have them in stock.

Thanks for that info. I got three of the Aspire 18350s and two of the VTC-5As from you before 1/20, when my Emisar D4 arrived. I’m good for now, but it’s nice to hear about our options.


Not doubting what you advertise, just want a confirmation.
You website states max discharge 10amps. no word of the 15amp pulse rating…? Have they been tested for capacity, are they truly 1100+ 10/15a like the aspire…?

The Aspire 18350 1100, were rated at10/15amp, 10a continuous and 15amp pulse for up to 10seconds.
HKJ tests have confirmed this rating.

My Aspire’s will do 15+ amps pulse on my D4 with a reasonable/acceptable voltage drop no problem. Aspire is/was the best 18350 I’ve used by far.
Will your Vapcell 18350 do this also without a drastic voltage drop like most all other 18350 have…?

I do need to order some 18350, but want to be sure of what I’m getting.

Thanks Jon

Yep, it’s the same. Here’s a pic of the 15A pulse test, 10 sec on 5 sec off. You can see they’re within test to test variation of each other. Vapcell has been very conservative with their ratings so that’s the only reason for the difference in published numbers.

Thanks for the reply Jon.

I will put in an order to try the Vapcel 18350.

Do you know who actually makes this cell, not who rewraps it…?

Yes I do know who makes it, it’s a factory in China. They don’t sell it to retailers though, it’s only sold rewrapped.

Good to know, thank you

The battery itself hasn’t been discontinued, just Aspire (the E-Cig company) isn’t putting their label on them anymore. Which is somewhat strange since Tony (owner of Aspire), apparently has a stake/part ownership of this Yongdelli battery company. But like any Chinese company, if you order enough of them, they will make them.

Also, the flashlight business isn’t even a blip on these battery manufacturer’s radar. It’s all about the world-wide e-cig business.

:+1: Thanks for posting this info. :+1: