Auction #1 (ended)

Hi, if you are wondering what this is about please see this thread

This is the bidding thread for -

Group 1


Copper heatsink, dedomed xml2, DTP star, Fet driver w/star firmware (low 15% high100%) uses 3× 18650, okay condition

Trustfire Tube

Copper pill, domed MT-G2, DTP star, KD boost driver (low mid high) at turn on light flashes for low voltage (pretty irritating, I did plan on changing over to DQG driver but don’t have time) sprayed reflector, uses 1× 26650, okay condition


Stock, guessing hollow pill, LB led, 6500-7000k ? UI L/M/H, uses 1-2× 18650, okay condition

I will not set a minimum price so the first bidder may start as low as they like. I would like to think bidders are offering money to help our friend Old-Lumens, and receiving lights as a reward for their generosity.

End time for this auction shall be 5th July 22:00 UTC. Any bids posted after that time will not count. Any edited posts will not count. I will contact the winner via pm as soon as I can. I will ship out at my cost.

If you have questions about these specific lights you can post here but if you have general questions please post in the other thread.

$20 on the trustfire tube

That’s a $20 bid for all 3 lights Andy :wink: It’s a job lot :slight_smile:

Okay then make it $40 then.


That T007
I have two, funny, looking like props in an eighty Sci Fi movie.
1 of mine has a LB and the other a Cree led.
Cool the batteries are loaded in their own tube and it works parallel so theoretically one can remove near drained cell 1 while the light ifs off and then cell 2. Changing ells without having to shut it off, it is the only light I have that does this.

Courui sweet!

and a MTG2 light?

OK 50

Oh 50 is the same

:person_facepalming: :slight_smile:

Another bump in the morning.


Congratulations Miller :partying_face:

Congrats Miller. 3 more lights to add to the collection, 2 nicely modded.

How bizar I was just playing with my unmodded Courui, contemplating why I don’t use it more often since I love parallel lights
And talking elsewhere about putting a XPL HI in there.
Now this? Copper, fet driver, sweet!

And a MTG2 light, that LED is so beautiful

I thought I would not get this but man I am psyched!