Raffle #1 (ended)

Winner picked - Congratulations red72vw :partying_face:

It was suggested by more than one member to hold a raffle rather than an auction to involve/entice more participants so here it is…

For those that are not familiar - the funds for this will go to Old-Lumens. Please read this thread for more info.


Anyone can enter. Anyone can enter as many times as they like. To enter please submit $5 to pinkpanda3310@gmail.com and post in this thread that you have done so e.g. “entered” or “paid” or “pick me big bird, pick me” etc… Please note in the paypal what your forum name is. End time for this raffle shall be Friday 29th July as 12:01pm UTC. Sometime that evening I will use random(dot)org or something to pick a winner (in the meantime I better learn how to do that :smiley: ). Again I will ship out at my cost to anywhere.

The prize will be 3 lights. One of which is a left over from Auction #1 The winner wasn’t interested in this particular light as he had one or two already, he was gracious enough to pay his full bid (thanks Miller :beer: ).

Finger sizzler
4x xpl hi on T-pad, narrow carclo optic, fet driver (15, 100), uses 1x 26650, build thread , I have measured up to 9 amps at the tail. I’ll try and straighten the lens before sending

Small Sun ZY-T07
Stock, guessing hollow pill, LB led, 6500-7000k ? UI L/M/H, uses 1-2× 18650, okay condition

SK-68 Vastfire branded
Notes infrared on the body but the led is a salvaged led from the finger sizzler build - XPG3. Other than that this is stock. Runs on AA’s

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

EDIT - to try and keep it clear I will use the following list as entry numbers

Money raised - $96

List/ticket #

1- vwpeices
2- vwpeices
3- vwpeices
4- vwpeices
5- The Miller
6- MrsDNF
7- The Miller
8- KeepingItLight
9- red72vw
10- The Miller
11- JakeDjanitor
12- The Miller
13- Ima4Wheelr
14- Melven
15- The Miller
16- red72vw
17- James y
18- James y
19- The Miller

Thanks for the efforts to help someone.
4 tickets PP sent pls confirm

Gonna do 1 for starters later behind the pc

Donation sent. No need to enter me for lights. Thanks for doing this!

And first ticket done.

Hey MRsDNF, I kind of expect us to keep this thread high in the first two pages :wink:

Sorry. I was asleep at the wheel. Well not really. Sitting here in my new study listening to the rain out the window trying to be creative on a design to machine up the battery tubes on the OL XHP70 build. Somehow I missed out on the creative part of the brain. For that matter lots of the brain are missing but some of that may of been self inflicted. Mostly accidental.
The members here should be proud of themselves and especially pp with a total so far approaching a grand.

I think Miller must of dozed of and missed his shift. Put me in for a ticket.

Huh what…. Lol yes I’ll wait a bit till it drops down for my next ticket here :wink:

If you guy’s are ok with it then who am I to argue but you don’t ‘have to’ keep buying tickets :wink:

Oh yeah I do…
That finger sizzler is mine :smiley:
Second ticket about to be done.

Reading this thread brings me joy.

I can’t buy a ticket right ATM… but I can bump for the sake of visibility. :wink:

Paypal sent.

Thanks, Mr. Panda!

I’ll take a ticket. but the boss hopes I don’t win. :innocent:

Oh yeah I’ll do another one shortly :wink:

I sent 5
Thank you for doing this. It is a great cause

Hmm chances of winning that finger sizzler are getting low… OK here goes another :wink:

I am surprised more people haven’t entered, that finger sizzler looks great.

Bump for the cause.
Funds raised hardly covers the efforts.

Thanks again for all your efforts and contributions pinkpanda3310. PP for a spot on the list sent.