Bag Check Flashights

I help manage a company where we have staffing services, metal detectors, and with that, bag checks. I have been using my Lumintop TD16 with XP-L HI V5 when I help out, but I want another option. Unfortunately, almost no lights are FULL MODE MEMORY enforced with two separate switches.

I am aiming put together a list of separate-switch lights with momentary-on and mode memory, and preferably, a good belt-clip. I am so disappointed with today’s lights. I can’t find TRUE tactical lights anymore.


Fenix PD35

Almost any light with a tailswitch and a side switch works this way. My personal favorite is the Armytek Partner Pro C4, the C1 or C2 might be a more suitable size for you.

Needs to be regulated and a bit of a thrower

Nitefox UT20. Momentary-on tailswitch, mode-select on the side.

Oh, get the 1buk deep-carry clip for the S2+ from Fasttech. Fits perfectly, even matches the matte of the ’20.


I’m not seeing anything, guys.

Most of the “mode memory” of these lights only leaves a turbo switch, not TRUE mode memory. For bag checks, it should be able to come on in low.

Oh, y’mean to the UT20…

or more choices at

nitefox ut20 - Google Search (GIYF).

I EDCed a UT20 quite a while, ’til it only got displaced by a MH20.

Thanks, but that’s an XML2. I am done with those. And it’s not throwy enough. I need at least 550 or more meters range since it will put a spot on fighters and crowds and whatnot.

Apparently it didn’t get much love here, but I still like it a lot.

I can’t find anything except budget stuff with old emitters.

Ah, you never said you wanted some throwiness:

It also sports regulation up to high mode, so that’s nice, and if you need turbo, just double click.

Oooookay. So maybe a C8F-21700? Plenty of lemons, also a rear FC switch. No onboard charging, though.

Ditto the P30.

Beyond that, you’re probably gonna hafta roll yer own.

C8s are clunky, junky, and yes, for some reason, never made available with forward clickies AND a second switch for activation. I have no idea why there is no real demand for this. My Lumintop TD16 is really in a class by itself.

It sports regulation? Then I may be in!

Yeah, it only uses regulation on high mode and lower.

The turbo 2200 lumen mode is unregulated.

What about the PWM? Is it visible?

No visible PWM.

On any mode?

If so, then you, my friend, have closed the deal for me!