Bag Check Flashights

Turbo doesn’t have any PWM since it’s direct drive.

The other modes have PWM, but only due to current regulation that uses PWM with a regulator.

I would also recommend getting the Luxeon V version.

It has good tint, the brightest of the bunch, and doesn’t have extreme throw(850m+) like the XP-L HI and SST-40.

Wait…one of the reviews is saying that this always defaults to high when activated with the tailswitch. That would not work. This would be used by being repeatedly activated in a low mode in a momentary fashion. I can’t click it down to low every time.

Ah, sorry.

And nobody really seems to care, or need what I’m talking about, amazingly.

Not many lights have what you need.

How about the Acebeam L30 then?

I have that light. It’s great, but it won’t work for bag checks because I need TRUE MODE MEMORY, which means the tail switch, when tapped, must turn the light on in the SAME mode it was set to before and not default back to high. There seem to be few lights like that, which is just stunning.

Wow, that seems annoying.

Have you looked at the Jetbeam 3M Pro? XP-L 1100 lumens, built like a tank. Single tail switch with two different mode sets. One is turbo only and strobe available, the second is 5 modes with mode memory. If the head is tight you are in “Tactical” mode and with the head loosened just a touch you are in General mode with mode memory. If you switch to tactical and then back to general it will restart in the same mode you left it in.

Nice light. Don’t know if that would work for you.

Illumn has a great deal on them right now.

You see? All this knowledge here and no one can really help. I frustratingly “lol” here.

Seriously, how picky do you want to be?

Have you considered carrying two lights? One for bag searches and one for illuminating ne'er-do-wells at a distance.

The Sofirn SP31 V2.0 has mode memory as you require (tailswitch controls only on/off, side button cycles modes), and has decent throw on account of it having an XP-L HI.
I’m not sure it checks off all your other boxes though, and probably doesn’t offer anything more than your current light (other than being more pocketable).

Yes, and it has current regulation.

For even more throw, you could swap in an SST-20 70CRI.

Any Anduril powered light will sort of do what you want.

You can set any desired (low) level as true momentary on.

The only drawback is that you need to disconnect current to reset.

So unless you need high and low at the same time this could work for you?

Nitecore mh12gt(s)?

Have you seen the Wuben T103
Not sure if this is what you need, but take a look!
And it is a throwy light!

Review by Charles BridgTec:

Why not the Wowtac A1S? Oldie but goodie AFAIK.

Check out the Eagtac lights some have two buttons one instance full power and one for low to turbo

This is BLF. This place is all about having a light exactly the way you want it.

For OP, would you be satisfied with a light that started always in low? There are many that way.

I believe the Sofirn SP70 starts in the last-used mode, with some minor exceptions (I don't think it remembers moonlight or turbo, but it will remember bottom or top of ramp), but that's a rather large light. Might be worth investigating other Sofirns, though.

PD35 TAC ?