Banggood cancels order when in stock and raises prices. Terrible service.

I had an order in for 2 x Astrolux MF01 Mini 7’s. Here is the history:

Feb 21 - Order Placed & Payment Confirmed
March 1 - Shipped
March 9 - Order cancelled due to out of stock or cancelled order.

Wait, but it shipped…didn’t it? Liars!

What kind of BS is that. It was shipped but now out of stock.
Oh, and the price went up from $46 discounted price to $64.95 for the ones I ordered (5000k gray). I’m sure that is totally unrelated. LOL

What a bunch of scammers. I never had this treatment from Aliexpress or Gearbest.

We buy from China because it’s cheap, things like this happen….sorry it happened to you but it’s the risk you take.

You want good service and honesty? Buy locally for double the price.

Received mine ten days from ordering.

1 : 0 , Banggood .

Well for what it’s worth, I ordered an MF01 mini copper on Feb 9, got a “shipped” email on Feb 10, and haven’t seen or heard anything since. No tracking # or nothing. I expected this anyway, but I didn’t get a cancelled order so who knows. I figure I’ll get a surprise in the mail one day.

Is Banggood The Cave of Tricksters.

Along similar lines, I talked about here how I ordered a laser engraver with free shipping from GearBest, only to have them contact me and say I needed to pay another $35 for shipping.

hello sir, please PM your order number to me, i will check what happened, really sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve had good experiences with Banggood. I have had bad experiences with AliExpress. I have had to cancel most orders on AE, because of no shipment updates after a month or more, and no communication replies back from them. None of their merchandise has ever reached my home.

I have had very similar experiences. :open_mouth:

I used to buy a lot from GB and BG. But later they got much less customer friendly and I rarely use them nowadays.
I buy mostly on Aliexpress even though I despise the website because their dispute process actually works well.

I don’t order from BG or AE anymore. I’d rather pay more at different sites than ride that roller coaster again

I wish I could do that but owell
Aliexpress been doing fine for me so far so I’ll stick to it. There’s no other place that will sell what I need anyway

This is my opinion as well.

Same. I avoid BG, GB, FT, AE because I know no matter how good the price, I will regret it. It’s always something, maybe it takes 1 month to ship, maybe it takes 1-2 more months to arrive, maybe it is not as described, maybe there will be a dispute that will never end, maybe ALL the above.

BG, GB, FT and AE should all completely eliminate the points and coupon scams.The popups are very annoying.

What gets people to buy is a good fair price without clicking through lots of hoops and quickly shipped(really shipped).

Time from ordering to receiving the goods should be no longer than 10 days in the year 2020.

Agree with the points scam. Can never use my points because everything I want to purchase is allegedly a promo item, even when there is no indication that an item is on promo.

I forgot to mention earlier about the points scam, glad you brought it up.

Sure, if people are willing to pay for it. BG and other sites offer faster shipping methods. But if one pays $1 or nothing for shipping, one should not expect a speedy delivery from across the globe.

That’s why I don’t get why people get worked up about Fasttech. When a package ships, they email you an actual photo of the package, also linked in your order-page. No one else (BG, GB, AX, etc.) does that. And sure enough, when you get it, it’s the same exact package as in the pic.

No scams with saying it’s “shipped” when it’s not, no bogus tracking numbers emailed to you, nothing like that.

Even the last hoo-ha, I was annoyed I didn’t get those Lumintops, but I did get a quick refund to the penny, no questions asked. And quick as in as-soon-as-I-got-the-email, not weeks later. (Ie, not an involuntary short-term loan to the company.)

Shipping cost from China should not be thought of as one would of originating in Europe or the US.

The government in China controls everything and everyone is under it's guideline.

Shipping is in the price of the item not the free or pennies added at checkout.

Everything is government subsidized to keep it cheaper than any real competition while paying workers very low wages.

Having moved most manufacturing to China because of the low labor cost nations now realize how dependent they are on China for medicine and equipment in the fight against covid19 and are subject to playing by China's rules.

Covid19 is also the Wuhan virus whether they like it or not.They own it.