Banggood. Do they actually ship?

I ordered two lights last week on separate orders (BLF SP36 and BLFQ8).
Both are listed in stock and I ordered from the US warehouse.
Both orders show “shipped”.
One tracking number comes up not found
The other is label created - not yet in system.

What is the story with them? Do they actually mail the stuff, or just send you fake tracking numbers?
To me, “shipped” means they shipped it.

They mail the stuff.

It just takes time to update in the shipping chain.

They do ship. The tracking takes a while to update.

well, they are comfirmed not a scam site. That means they deliver to you what you bought from them.

but sometime accident happens, your package maybe lost somewhere, then you ask for refund, from them, or from Paypal if you pay with Paypal

USPS updates when the package is scanned in.

I’ve only ordered from the CN warehouse. It does take a long time, but my packages do eventually arrive.

I thought that ordering from the US warehouse would be fast.
But what gets me is they say SHIPPED and give tracking numbers (sent the numbers on Friday) and obviously not shipped because the numbers don’t come up in the system.

This is gonna sound like I’m being a dick but I promise that’s not the case, I don’t know you, I have zero reason to go out of my way to be a dick to you…

Have you ever worked in a wearhous? And not just any warehouse, a LARGE Warehouse that houses literally tens of thousands of consumer products and sells them to the end-user one at a time?

Shipped means they’ve pulled the item, packaged it, addressed it and put it on their outgoing dock for USPS to pick up. Thats them fulfilling their obligation, it’s in usps’ hands now. Did you want them to drive the items to the post office and wait in line special for you? USPS had a short week last week and obviously they don’t work Sunday either so they’ve only had 16 business hours since Banggood got the items packaged and ready to go (along with, I don’t doubt hundreds of other people’s items at the same time) for the post office to pick them up, pallets at a time and scan them into their system and start their sorting process.

You have tracking numbers and know Banggood has gotten you taken care of, be patient, your super important flashlights will come.

all orders from them came to my home in less than 3 weeks. Tracking took forever to update though.

Everything I ordered arrived at my doorstep, eventually. And I’m not talking weeks.
Only once it did not, and even then it was taken care of. So I’m a happy camper.
So relax. Forget the whole thing. And act surprised when the doorbell rings.

But: order things separately. That reduces weight, declared value, and interest from “bystanders”.

In the last month I’ve been on a shopping spree. My impressions are that a few years ago goods were shipped pretty quick.

But now, one order from Amazon ordered on a Wed. didn’t ship till the following Mon. Another from the US east cost used DHL who then transferred the package to USPS, what a joke.

Here’s the system I use with Banggood:
1.Order it
2.Forget about it.
3.Get a nice surprise in your mailbox.

Yep - this does will do wonders for my your mental health.

If you need practice, submit some NFA paperwork with the ATF. It’s not rare for paper forms to take 6-12 months to be approved…

I live in New York. There is no NFA paperwork because Herr Cuomo does not recognize the US Constitution.

They cash the check right away don’t they lol.

Great anology!

if u chose free shipping u shouldnt complain, if the expensive it can take a few days or more to update, they have no control when the carrier will scan the package etc… but they are legit when they say something is sent out it usually is.

Some people complain, some are neutral. I was complaining too, especially on the ‘Cometa Gate’. But recently things got better for me. A lot. Can’t believe, but out of my last 10 orders, 2 were shipped much sooner than ‘expected arrival date’ and the remaining 8 were sent in less than 24 hours. From my point of view I can see a very positive change.

Good for you! Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Just kidding.

I too pay attention to shipping dates, but only one thing matters: the time between “ping” and “ding-dong”.
Better said, the time between the notification of PayPal and when the postman rings my doorbell.

I paid for shipping. From the US warehouse.
NOW I am wondering if they are waiting for the stock to arrive from China before “shipping from the US”.

At the time of order, were you given an indication of by when the package is going to reach you? Have they guaranteed a certain delivery date? Are you past that date now? If so, contact their customer service.

I did come across several sellers that advertised their products as “US based”, but in reality, I believe they were forwarding goods from China to some US warehouse/facility, and then shipping from there, so the product would sit in “Shipped” status for a number of days before there was any activity. Still, I got the product by the promised date.

In my experience, dealing with multitude of online vendors and ebay sellers, when the status changes to “Shipped”, all it means is that the seller created a shipping label and a tracking number was assigned. It does not mean that the package was handed over to the carrier nor started moving.