I ordered a light meter from BG earlier today.
Looking in my BG orders it shows “Order status - ready to process” but under “View” it says “Apply Refund” & when I click on that it says
Reimburse - out of stock

  • do not want to buy this item now
  • wrong shipping information
  • other

What does this mean ? is it out of stock even though the ad says in stock & allowed me to place the order ?

Can’t help you, normally I do not check orders the first couple of days, it sounds like a default option menu for people who change their mind and want to cancel, usually that can be done until shipped (even though shipped can mean pre advised)

It sounds like a menu asking what is the reason for cancellation. If your reason doesn’t fall into any category choose OTHER.

Your order status is fine. It’ll take a few days for the order to process.

Sometimes the order status shows “Order status - ready to process”, even after they have shipped your item!

I ordered some items before, that’s normal (ready to process means they got your money, is going to ship out). You will get a prompt email when it’s shipped, the email also congratulate you that you have the item shipped, and…… some discount points :slight_smile:

I haven”t cancelled though & I have never seen this option before ?

Yes I know that it might show ready to process for several days, maybe a week or more sometimes but I have never seen this apply refund box before ?

I have ordered from BG quite a few times before but have never seen this apply refund box under view before ?

Maybe the world doesn’t stand still and they have updated and changed their website, since the last time your ordered something.

I seriously wouldn’t worry about and I wouldn’t even worry about checking until at least a few days or maybe even week after ordering.

I ordered something else this morning, it is showing ready to process but not the apply refund box the other order is showing.

There was a dog carrier that I ordered and after 2 weeks it still have not ship. So I hit the refund button and cancelled the order. The money was refunded.

I didn’t get a shipping conformation email my most recent order, yet it shows as shipped.

I have had the apply refund option available when an item went out of stock after I had ordered.

That is exactly what I am wondering, did it go out of stock after I ordered & I am being given the option of cancelling & getting a refund or waiting for it to be re-stocked ?

I’ve seen that “apply refund” and “cancelling” stuff show up fairly often.
At first I worried.
I never had a refund to apply
I didn’t want to cancel
I figured if I left the order in place they’d eventually ship.
They eventually shipped
No problem.

I saw this button of refund, this refund button appears in Aliexpress, Taobao as well. I believe it is the option for people to make refund because regretted after the purchase. So far my purchases were all shipped and received without big issues.
And…… I am not worry because PayPal protects me for 180 days:)

My last three orders from Banggod had the Cancel Refund button as well, with the order processing status for days. I did ask customer service what was going on, I had a prompt reply that my lights were out of stock (although when I ordered they showed in stock) . I waited and got my lights just today one month after I ordered.

Well I still don”t know what that “apply refund” box was all about but my light meter is now showing as shipped so happy days :slight_smile:
Now for the wait.

I like banggood. They have a button for a direct cancel order and get refund. Others perhaps must offer this option. I do not know what is the problem with this.

I placed 2 orders with BangGood yesterday, one order showed this “apply refund” box & one order didn”t ?
I have never noticed this “apply refund” box with any order I have placed with them before which is what made me think that maybe it wasn”t in stock ?

For me, the apply refund button appears when I have paid for an order but it has not been shipped. Most of my orders get shipped within 24hrs so I only really see them on pre-ordered items or if I check my orders right after placing them.