Battery Storage

What do you guys use to store your batts......including alkies, lithium primaries and such. I use those compartment boxes that you can get at wallworld for a a couple of bucks.

Embarrassing but true in my case....

Nothing wrong with that man......I need to keep stock since i do go through batts like they were also a ghosthunter as well....and i bring more then one light with me.

Wow. That's a lot of batteries! Of course the best place to store batteries is in flashlights (except alkalines). When you get more batteries, you have to get more flashlights (and vice versa).

I got some of those little plastic cases that hold 4 AA's or 4 AAA's. I had gotten a couple from Thomas Distributing with some orders, but I got the others off of eBay. DX sells them too. Then they go in a drawer. I'm using almost all rechargeables now, so I don't need as many. The problem with those is they are a snug fit so they don't work for li-ion batteries which always seem to be a little long.

You should see my case now....some of the compartments are almost empty, when bad weather hits 90% of the time our power goes out.

I mostly use interlocking AA cases for hauling around immediate use cells. The rest is stored in a bookcase in my study in a variety of containers.

I don't own very many alkalines and the stock is just about to go down with the annual replacement for remotes and clocks and so on. This is my entire stock of alkalines.

Very nice! I have a bunch of those Rayovac AA's, have they ever leaked on you? (Sorry about the admin being off topic! )

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The Rayovacs came from work. Our pagers won't work on NiMH and the new stores ordering is just about as messed up as it could be. Nearly three months to get new AAs. So I took in a box of cheap alkalines from Maplin and got those and the Lucas branded ones to replace them when the stores order eventually arrived. They were undoubtedly the cheapest our supplier could find so I'd doubt their quality. The Lucas branded ones make me laugh. Anyone who has owned or run a British motorcycle will be well aware of the reputation of Lucas electrics. Not for nothing was Joe Lucas (Once head of the firm) known as "the prince of darkness". I've never had a brand name alkaline leak but I throw out the clock and remote ones annually. It's time i did that.

I really dont take a chance with alkies, when the power goes out, thats when the alkies are put in and used......i used to keep them in some of the lights for emergency's but dont want to take that chance of them leaking. I have enough packs to replenish my batt cases but plan to go to BJ's and test out there brand since i can get 24AA cells for under 10bones.

I evaluate alkies by their weight. The good ones weigh a lot more than the junk. If it feels light, it isn't worth buying. I can get a pack of 8 alkies for less than the price of one Duracell. The one Duracell will last longer. By choice I buy Japanese branded cells - they have way better quality control than any European/American outfit I've come across. They will still leak if left totally discharged in a device but they take longer to kill themselves and are less likely to leak in the first place. I've never had an alkie of my own leak but I've seen way too much stuff destroyed by leaking cells to ever think of buying the cheap rubbish out there. That said in the late 70's/early 80's I worked in a camera shop. NiCd AA's were about 150mAh at the time and a decent alkie had over 2,000mAh. We got a case of 5,000 AA Duracells which all had been assembled the wrong way round, the nipple was negative... 1970's/80's Duracells were complete rubbish.

We used to get Duracell Procells at work which were way OTT for pager use (They have more or less replaced the pagers with cellphones but some folks will insist on using the pagers). But now we get whatever was cheapest that week. And my employer employs more than a million people. Their purchasing is a very, very bad joke. Do you buy a lot of lithium primaries, I can see the point of those, but they are very expensive here - as in I can buy 2 Eneloops for the price of one of them.

I like to have them around.....i dont use them much and i have a drawer full of them new in packages. Dont worry i didnt pay for them, most of my batts were given to me by my cousin who works for the Naval Shipyard. I have heard stories about alkies leaking, but it has'nt happened to me yet.

Sold in various places in the UK under the "Really Useful" brand. The smallest one is 0.3 litres and holds 36 AAs very nicely. When using them with rechargeables, if the +ve end is facing me they are charged -ve end facing, they need charging. Works for me.

That is nice...they have something like that over here at the Dollar Tree......where everything is just a I do need to pick up another case for my nimh cells......

I use a combination of Sterilite counter top drawers for my smaller EDC lights, and the compartment boxes that alfreddajero uses for batteries, and my larger lights. Very nice forum guys.

Welcome N.W.A it is becoming a nice site isnt it......Nice and free which is why i spend a lot of time here then the other side. You will the members here are helpful and very informative.

Hey there N.W.A, welcome, and enjoy your stay!

Hey don where can i get these from mate i can't seem to find any that aren't massive down here !

My local Staples has them on special offer at about 75p each. Maplin has them for over 2 quid. I've seen them in B&Q as well

For AAs I generally prefer these interlocking cases which I got from 7dayshop in a sale for about 50p each.

They are currently £1.45 each.


Wait for a sale when you'll get them for 50p or so each.

Thanks Don