Beamshot Comparison of my Throwers and Dedomed Flashlights

There was a power outage in my place three hours ago and realizing that the surroundings was completely dark ( i.e. no light pollution), I decided that it is the best time to do an outdoor beamshot comparison of my throwers and my dedomed & modified flashlights. :wink:

I used a Nikon CoolPix set at ISO 1600, 1 sec shutter speed, and F 2.8. I think I’m now giving justice, finally, to the actual beam intensity of my throwers since it was not apparent my previous beamshots.

The first group of shots were taken at 60 meters:

4Sevens Maelstrom X-10 (XM-L T6)

JetBeam BC40 (XM-L T6)

Convoy C8 (XM-L T6 3C) w/10*7135s

Convoy C8 (XM-L T6 3C) w/10*7135s, dedomed

UltraFire PM 8099 Zoomie (XR-E Q5)

Jacob A60 (XR-E Q5)

Police CY-T91 (XM-L T6) dedomed

Small Sun ZY-T08 (XM-L) w/V10+ 4Amp driver, dedomed

SupBeam K40 (XM-L U2) w/resistor mod (+3 R120s), dedomed

I took another group of beam shots at 95 meters for my stronger throwers:

4Sevens Maeltstom X-10, not that strong but included as reference

Convoy C8 dedomed

UltraFire PM-8099 Zoomie

Jacob A60

Police CY-T91 dedomed

Small Sun ZT-T08 dedomed

SupBeam K40 dedomed

I hope you like it folks. :bigsmile:

Nice shots. That had to take a good bit of work to make all those photos. Thank you for sharing. I still need to master the are of taking beam shots.

EDIT: Master is the wrong word. I just need to learn how to even take basic outdoor beam shots. I will never master the art.

Great job!! Thanks for sharing… :wink:


Very nice, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I dont see any power failure there. Looks perfectly lit up to me.

Thanks for the shots.

Thanx ImA4Wheelr!

I think all I needed was a tripod for the camera, the proper camera settings, steady hands holding the light and and lots of patience. :wink:

If you have another tripod that holds your flashlight then you can do it even without steady hands. And if you have bug repellent, you won’t need that much patience - since all bugs would automatically fly to you being the only source of light. :bigsmile:

Thanx rikr! I’m glad you liked them. :slight_smile:

Thanx jacktheclipper! :bigsmile:

Thanx ryansoh3! :bigsmile:

LOL! I guess the flashlight lit everything up. :smiley:

But I think it is apparent in the beamshots of the 8099 Zoomie. :~

Thanx MRsDNF! :bigsmile:

Left the Philippines about 25 years ago.
Still having power outages? Looks like nothing has changed :slight_smile:
Thanks for the shots, I might use your camera settings on my
next bike light review.

Unfortunately, yes, there still are power outages. A lot of energy producers have sprouted but the demand also keeps on going up. Its a never ending cycle. :Sp

You can experiment with different settings but with this latest camera settings that I used, the beam and the hot spot is emphasized. :wink:

When I was at Amed in Bali, the locals said blackouts were a timed as signals for a payout to the metermen…Btw loved at light up you did especially on the papaya tree which looks laden with fruit ready for harvest in 2-3mths!

LOL! :smiley:

I was not aiming at the papaya but the tree farther behind, but I see that you like papayas. In my place they’re everywhere. :slight_smile:

I actually work for an energy company and we derive electricity from geothermal energy, but even we are not spared from power outages. When the winds blow hard (which is prevalent in where I’m staying), it usually breaks the branches of big trees hitting our power lines and this will trigger the circuit to break. This is however being monitored 24/7 and the debris is cleared and power is restored within 2 hours. Power outages in the area where I’m living are usually caused by these incidents and not due to energy deficit. :wink: