BEAMSHOTS and MEASUREMENTS by ZozzV6 (Currently 317 flashlights)

Update 2020.02.14.
More than 20 flashlights added to the tables. List in this post.

Beamshots added to the tables.

Hi everyone!
I want to share my flashlight measurement google tables with everyone. It contains a lot of stock flashlights and a lot modded. I mostly try to measure each of them before and after the mods. I have some what I modded before I made the Lumen snake so some measurements missing but since I made Lumen snake I measure every flashlight. I’m using HS1010A lightmeter and UNI-T clamp meter for currents.
Interesting to see that with a remote switch how much lumens the Convoy C8 lost. And how much worth adding two or three 7135-s. The reference flashlight for lumens reading a Skilhunt DS10. It has low current so no heat drop down. The numbers all measured at start.
If a flashlight name has green background it has been modified.
If a flashlight name has blue letters it contains a link to a beamshot with that flashlight on my backyard. The white garage on the top right is 35m and the trees at the top of the image are 100m far.
If a flashlight led type has blue letters it contains a link to a wall beamshot from 4m. Zoomie lights has extra beamshots in M and N columns for zoomed in and zoomed out beamshots.
Beamshot camera and lens: Nikon D3200, Nikkor 18-105 VR
Backyard beamshot settings: 1s, F/5.6, ISO 400, focal length=18mm
Wall beamshot settings: 1/2s, F/8, ISO 400, focal length=18mm
” If you just want to browse the beamshots here is the beamshot gallery link.“:ZozzSierra Big Beamshot collection for flashlight measurement tables című albuma az Indafotón

At a separate table on the bottom you can find some Flashlights marked as magic flashlights. They have magical numbers so I don’t want to mix them with the good ones.
Finally here is the Measurement google tables link

Do you happen to have lumen / lux spec for the convoy c8 sst40 dedome?? Thanks

An SST40 is on the way to me. I ordered it 1 or 2 weeks ago. I will try it with and without dome. The driver will be a TA17mm and If somebody ask I can try it with Stock 2,8A convoy driver or with 3,5A or 3,85A upgraded convoy driver. I’m curious about it with FET driver and dedomed.

great job
thanks ZozzV6

I think it’s going to be very nice with sst40 dedome and FET driver… I will regularly check this thread for the update. Thanks.

And the SST40 is arrived right now.

I putted in the Luminus SST40 in a Convoy C8 host with stock lens smooth reflector and a 10x7135 3,5A driver. I only measured the lumens today. Here the numbers compared to other Leds in the same conditions:
XM-L2 U2 1A: 1102 lumen
XP-L HI V2 1A: 1056 lumen
Luminus SST-40: 1122 lumen
Tomorrow or next week I will continue testing it with TA17 triple channel Fet driver and measure intensity and throw.

Convoy C8 TA17 5,9A XP-L HI numbers and
Convoy C8 3,5A SST-40 numbers. Added.

Thanks for the list.

Just curious, what battery were you running in the Thorfire VG10 when you tested it? Mine will push around 3 Amps on a Samsung 30Q cell. I’m getting 380 lux @ 18 feet (11,438cd) on a slightly discharged cell (around 4 Volt).

I don’t really remember which I used but what lights has current measurement it always measured with fully charged battery. I have a couple of samsung 25R-s and 30Q-s for measuring

Thanks for this, it’s very informative!

And if it counts that VG10 is the groupbuy sandwiched mcpcb version.

Thanks for the lumen test… I will wait for the sst40 dedome… by the way, you use Samsung 30q for all the testing right?

Almost. I can not measure significant difference with 30Q or 25R. Just capacity. But at these measurements it does not count. It only count in real life usage.

ZozzV6, you put a lot of work into these measurements. Thanks for posting your excellent work sir! This helps me make a decision on a mod I’m planning. XHP35 HI really does a good job at throwing. Which is what I love, a good thrower! Thanks man! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks! You’re welcome! :sunglasses:

Luminus SST-40 measured in Convoy C8 with TA17 driver, AR coated lens smooth reflector. It pulls 8,2A and I got 1938 lumens. Tonight I will measure throw and intensity. And after that I will dedome the led.

I retried the SST-40 with 4 freshly charged batteries. 3 pieces of samsung 25R and one 30Q
The 30Q pulled 8A
The 25R’s are:
I remeasured lumens with the one what pulled 8,6A and it was 2232 lumens :smiley: So the battery really counts a few hundred lumens.
Now I’m waiting for dark and go out for Cd and throw measuring.

Intensity: 70500 Cd
Throw: 531m

Utorch UT01 remeasured with freshly charged 14500.

That’s ridiculous lumen and lux… great mod. Dedome will even give you more throw. I like both sst40 dome on and dedome.