Beamshots of a few mods up against the SP03 including Kcd Readings

Each picture is below the description. The Measurements were taken indoors with a cheap light meter from 3.3 meters. It is not calibrated and the multi-emitters are probably a little under because they don't really get a chance to fully form the correct beam at that short a distance. But it's interesting anyway.

stock SP03 70Kcd

Mystery SRK 85Kcd (not bad for a light with a head the size of a normal SRK) De-domed XM-L2 U2's batteries serial with dry driver

Lustefire 110kcd XM-L2 T6 dry driver

Uniquefire UF T-20 De-domed XP-G2 120Kcd

Pretty good for a light the size of a C8 it also floods great

ZY-T08 6amps De-Domed XM-L2 U2 220Kcd

ZY-T08 aspheric 5amps XM-L2 U2 de-domed 280Kcd

J-19 XM-L2 U2 2xde-domed 1xnot dedomed 270Kcd

BTU Shocker XM-L2 U2 De-domed Dry driver 290Kcd

J-19 XP-G2 de-domed Dry driver 320Kcd

Trustfire X7 aspheric de-domed XM-L2 U2 600kcd

Nice beamshots !


i like that x7, how much does something like that cost?

Very nice beam shots and data. Thank you.

Do you have a link or any info on the aspheric lens you used in the ZY-T08?


The lens sets down into the bezel so that it’s almost flush with the top.

I’d sell it for $100. It’s a scorcher that’s for sure. When it’s pitch black out you can make out trees at a half a mile. Much farther for anything that is reflective like the eyes of a deer. Of course the beam opens up the farther away you are and it really more useful at really long distances than up close.

Thank you 18650. Looks like that lens is no longer available on Ali. I searched, but none had quite the same specs or look. All were slightly shorter height and narrower inner diameter. Ordered one anyway, but don't expect it to work as well as yours does.

You've probably said in other threads, but my memory is failing me. How far away is the tree in those shots?

Something like 150 yards give or take. The pics are just taken with an I-pod touch. So there is no zooming or anything like that. I would love to be able to take pics of these lights at 500 yards because that is when you can really see how nice they throw. What is funny is how the pictures don’t seem to match up to their numbers or even necessarily what you see with your eye. For instance the J-19 with the XP-G2’s you can tell that it outthrows the Shocker in real life but in the pics you would think it was the other way around.

Great work 18sixfifty!
That J-19 XM-L2 is gold. Probably dedoming the 3rd led also, it will go over 300Kcd. What driver do you use in it ?

Thanks, it has the DRY driver in it that is used in the BTU Shocker. Of course the driver is re-wired along with the emitters. I have done two others with 3 led’s dedomed as well. It’s my favorite host right now for sure.