Been there...

and done that on the other forum. I did a lot of early work with AMC7135, some Mag modding and some reviews. When that forum went down I found this place. Now it’s mostly fixed lighting around the house.


Hi StefanFS,

Welcome to the BLF. You’ll find a quite different atmosphere over here.

Welcome to BLF Stefan! You’re actually the 3rd refugee I’ve welcomed today…

I actually like both BLF and CPF,as do alot of people here. They think it’s a great forum, just a little mismanaged.

I took quite a lot of bashing for my modding with AMC chips back then. After some time it caught on big time…. Now I’m not sure what is happening with CPF.

welcome to BLF Stefan!

Welcome to BLF Stefan! It seems there has been a large influx of members today because CPF is down.

Am I mistaken or are you the Stefan that had a quite powerful incan Maglite, 100W or so? I now I’ve seen some beamshots of a powerful incan light taken in Sweden.

Either way, welcome!

Welcome to BLF, Stefan.

Welcome to the BLF.

Howdy! It’s a great group of people here! And so much info is available!

Welcome Stefan

We won't hold the CPF against you, You will find this is a TERRIFIC forum, with lots of GREAT Members, looking for Beamshots and good value in flashlights.

G’day mate :slight_smile:

welcome to BLF :smiley:

Welcome to BLF! Glad to have you here!

I want to wish you a warm welcome to BLF, StefanFS!

Welcome to your new home Stefan, we don't bash you here on BLF It's not NFL ...... Enjoy BLF is always better when drunk ...... :beer:

Welcome to the forum. A certain Stephan is one of the godfathers of 7135 mods. I personally read quite a bit of that work before I found BLF. Your contributions here will be most welcome.

Stephan, here is a link to an info thread I started on 7135’s. Being an old hand at them I wondered if you could look it over and maybe post a link or two to things I missed or you think usefull and I can add them to the OP list. There has been some interest in making this a sticky and I would like to get the OP up to snuff.

Welcome Stefan, i guess you might remember me too, i was one of your students,you helped me learn a lot in flashlight Modding!

Guys, always bear in mind what Stefan has to say, he is a very experienced member.