Below Dealer Cost Closeout Sale on Xeno and more! 60-80% off!

Hello BLF,

I’ve got some inventory I’d like to clear, so I’m discounting everything significantly. Everything is well below dealer cost and being sold at a loss.

All items will be new in box with all accessors, unless otherwise stated. I’ll be adding new items to this post throughout the next day or two, so check back frequently.

I will do my best to test every light before shipping. Lights however are sold AS IS. Thank you!

Shipping over $75 is free and starts at $3 and will go up from there for US orders <$75. We are required to collect 7.25% California Sales Tax.


G10 Cool White XM-L2 — $28 (2 available)
G10 Neutral White XM-L2 — $29 (1 available)
G42 Cool White XM-L2 — $37 (2 available) 1 sold, 2 left
TW42 Diffuser Wand for G42/F42 — $4 (1 available) 1 sold, 1 left
TW15 Diffuser Wand for Xeno E03 — $3 (several available)
RG03 Black Bezel Ring (Fits F7, F8, G10, SureFire G2, C2, 6P, or other Z44 lights) — $3 (slight scratch in the black coating) (1 available)


BD-1P XP-G2 R5 Cool White — $10. (1 available) 2 SOLD, 1 available

Nyogel 760G:

I have a bunch of new old stock 2oz Tubes of Nyogel 760G that were stored for years in a warehouse and have cosmetic damage to the label and could have some staining on the plastic tube.

$7 each (many available) Several sold

Please post in the thread if you would like to reserve something, and then you have 24 hours to follow up with Paypal payment. And if there is anything else you are interested in that I carry from feel free to PM and let me know and maybe we can work out a deal. :wink: You can also email sales at edc plus * com

List of lights that have been sold, for records reasons are listed in this post by clicking here

I’ll take the ES1 Brass Cool White XP-G2

I'll take the

F8 Dark Brown with XP-G R5 Cool White — $10 (1 available) (Test sample, lightly used, Light only no box)
G10v1 XP-G R5 Cool White — $13 (Test sample, lightly used, Light only no box) (1 available)

L2A with XP-G R5 — $7

Lumintop P16 XP-G R4 NW — $12

Email sent

I’ll take the

E03 red neutral white.


Crelant v31a

Xeno S3a- gun gray

Pm sent

How about shipping to EU?

I’ll take the G5 neutral, F42 neutral and F7 neutral.

E03 Black Neutral White XM-L2 — $13 (2 available)
E03 Black Warm White XM-L2 — $13 (2 available)

I’ll take one of each of these.

I'll take one each:

R10A with XP-G2 Cool White: $7
E03 Black Warm White XM-L2 — $13



I’ll take (if available):
G5 Neutral White XM-L2 — $25 - 1x
G42 Cool White XM-L2 — $37 - 1x
TW42 Diffuser Wand for G42/F42 — $4 - 1x
TW02 Diffuser wand/wrench — $2 - 2x
Balder SE-4 XM-L Cool White 1×18650

What’s your PayPal address again?

Yes. It’s about $13 for 1-2 lights. $25 for 4-8 lights or so (depending on size)

I sent you a PM.

I sent everyone PM’s with paypal info and a total price. I’ve gotten payment for 2 orders so far and packed and shipped 2 orders.

Good luck with your sale. Great lights offered here.

I’ll take the last 3 lumintops if they’re still available


I love the internet and the power of the ‘flash sale.’


I shipped out a few orders. Still have some sales pending from those that reserved items. If you changed your mind, please let me know so I can open the sale back up. Otherwise I’ll continue with the plan and wait 24 hours from message time and then open it back up for sale.

Yep they are, sent you a PM.

Thanks :slight_smile:

PayPal sent thx again

Paypal sent, thanks!

I’ll take the

E06 v6 with XP-E NW 2xAA — $12 (1 available) (light wear but in overall good condition.)