Best 2 / 3 AA thrower ?

Which is the best thrower flash light run by either 2 or 3 or 4 AA cells ( obviously not a tiny or narrow beam thrower ) ?

Sipik SK-68 with the multi-AA battery tube extension, but that's going to be a very pencil-beam thrower.

A possible option is the Fandy-Fire Rook, which looks interesting (I don't have one) but it has to be driven from 14500s to really shine. It looks like a reflector close to a C8 and will run from AA cells and 14500s, but is underdriven on AAs.

This SAiK SA-305 is definitely a thrower with a focused beam. I had one briefly but sold it as I really didn't care for the form factor, plastic reflector, and next-mode memory. An emitter replacement and a driver update would probably make it a lot better light:; and Old-Lumens mod of thi slight here:

the nitecore ea4 runs on 4aas and throws quite well… and has a nice ui too :slight_smile:

Cyclone C88? Nitecore EA4? JinHeng USB Rechargeable Power Source light? None of which are dedicated throwers though. All pretty much on par with a C8 I think.


Is the Dereelight Javelin with XR-E still in the running, or is it past its prime?

i was thinking about that one too… i think it might be a little over priced ($46 new)

there was one on cpf used for $32 a few months back though… so maybe a lightly used one? depends what your budget is too i guess

+1 I love my EA4

We already knew that. :bigsmile:

The Fenix E25 is quite a nice thrower.

Archon M30A maybe?

Not cheap, but the Sunwayman M40a is quite a thrower.

Fenix LD40 LED Flashlight:
• Cree brand XP-G neutral white LED for improved color rendition
• 4 brightness levels, strobe, slow flashing and SOS*
Turbo - 248 lumens, runs for up to 3.2 hrs
High - 110 lumens, runs for up to 9.4 hrs
Medium - 43 lumens, runs for up to 27 hrs
Low - 4 lumens, runs for up to 245 hrs

Nice tint ...nice throw ...nice low .. nice light

No way it is 2 AA, its 3 18650 :wink:

Maybe I’m being picky, but I don’t see why it would be obvious not to be a narrow beam?

Also on this note, are you actually wanting a thrower, or is it more about beam distance? e.g. a flood light can still light something up a long way off given enough power.

I’ve E25 - a good thrower in the useful range of 75 - 80 mt .
But any good thrower ? useful throw for about 150 +/- mt .