Best AA rechargeable for the money?

I need to get at least 4 high capacity(2000mah+) AA rechargeable, preferably NiMH, batteries.

The device the batteries will power will use 4 batteries at 200mAh max, probably less.

After some research I found a few that seems to be around $2-$3 a battery with good reviews.
I couldn't search the review sub forum here since there isn't a search box or button.

Could I get some opinions on these batteries? or is there a better choice?

  1. AmazonBasics AA (Black wrapper, 2400mAh)
  2. AmazonBasics AA (White wrapper, 2000mAh)
  3. Lenmar AA Rechargeable (2700mAh)
  4. Digimax AA (2850mAh)
  5. Duracell AA Ion Core (2450mAh)
  6. Energizer AA (2300mAh)

Thank you.

If the expected runtime, or desired time between battery change, is longer than a week or so, you most likely will benefit greatly from using LSD (low self discharge) batteries. (Eneloop/Pre charges/Ready to Use). But if the expected runtime is a day or so, then there is no gain available from using LSD batteries.

An example of cheap but good LSD AA battery is IKEA LADDA.

Eneloops seem to be the defacto standard for many people. They can be expensive in some countries (here for instance) but if you only need four I wouldn't be worried about saving a small sum by using another brand. They are consistent, durable and have a proven track record.

Just be careful though - recent testing shows that the newer "made in China" Panasonic Eneloops are not a patch on the original "made in Japan" Sanyos.

Perhaps even more important is to make sure you have a good quality smart charger rather than a cheap timer-based unit.

They will probably be used daily and recharged as needed, so every few days hopefully.

I have a pretty good hobby charger for them.

The Amazon Basic (White Wrapper 2000mAh) are supposedly re-branded eneloops and they are made in Japan.

Those would probably be better than the others?

The black wrapper Amazon basic are supposed to be re-branded eneloops XX.

The ebay digimax batteries interested me, they say it's real capacity is 2850mAh. That seems high, especially for the price, and i've only ever seen 2700mAh max AA's.

and the Lenmar 2700mAh also have some good recommendations.

So far I am pleased with Tenergy, both Premium and Centura. The eneloop batteries I have are 2nd generation, but the Tenergys last longer in my flashlights than my eneloops.;

I have heard good things about the hobbyking aaa’s mayhapse their aa’s are as good

Ikea ($16) and Hobbyking's ($30) shipping rates ruin the prices for a 4 pack of batteries.

The Tenergys all have a bunch of reviews saying they don't hold a charge very long, but the Centuras are nicely priced 2000mAh

Best for the money out of that list?

Ikea Ladda 4x AA or AAA for $6 and almost Eneloop performance.

If you are not sure to get the right Eneloops, just try to get this ones:
They are indeed Eneloops in disguise… :wink:

$1.66 each in a 16 pack, and highly rated. ~2000 reviews.

I’ve been using these for a year or two with no problems at all.

consistently high capacity (2000 mah+) with little variation from cell to cell.

4 Eneloops and a good charger. $20.00 plus free shipping. Good batteries and a good price.

Batteries are made in Japan. Charger can handle 1 to 4 at once. Individual charging slot. Will stop charging when battery is full. If battery can not reach full charge after 7 or 8 hours charger turns off.

Good Day CircaM,

Over many years I have virtually used all the ones You are looking at (& the ones our colleagues are suggesting)...,

..until about 3-4 years ago I tried some AA & AAA Eneloop batteries...,

...& as a result I have now standardised on Eneloops...

They last longer, & give far better service, therefore the TCO is lower compared to any of the other brands.

Suggest You buy them from Amazon, or from ChibiM (BLF member):

ChibiM`s Eneloop Sales (new Eneloop Forest tones (camo) AA 8-packs $27 including worldwide shipping

Best Regards,


I have some eneloops that are 5 yrs old and still going strong. whatever nimh you get, get the LSD ones. the duracell LSD/precharged ones were and may still be referred
to as dura-loops and seem to hold up well. I have those and my old eneloops for higher drain devices but for everything in my house like remotes, some toys, other electronics, I use the LSD rayovacs from walmart —ya I know, but they work well and I don’t worry as much if they are accidentally lost or tossed by kids changing batteries (but now I have the kids trained to not throw away ANY BATTERIES— I have a dead/ready box now hehe

Take a look here. Eneloop XX vs Turnigy.
Eneloop XX Vs Turnigy 2400 Cycle Testing | Candle Power Flashlight Forum.

Consider the cost of current eneloops at $3.00- $4.00 ea vs Turnigy Centura or Premium at $1.78. The question is not, for me, which is best for years of use, but bang for the buck.


Centura are Tenergy not Turnigy.

I’ve used the DigiMax 2850 mAh AA’s - 16 of them bought cheap on Amazon - for a couple of years with no problems in my Nitecore MT2A torch and everything else that required AA NiMH.
Although I’ve now bought Eneloops I’ve passed them on to someone who uses them in a Canon camera and is pleased with the performance.
They held a charge well and never once let me down. They were always charged in a Nitecore i4v2 which I hear is less than optimal for NiMH batteries but I found no problems.

When I clicked through to Amazon, your #5, duracell, had a price of $8.99 with a $3 off coupon for 1 item. It’s in their add-on program, so you need to fill your cart with other stuff to get it (and free shipping), but that’s a smoking deal for what is almost certainly a rebranded eneloop xx.

I looked again, and the non-fine print says, “packaging may vary”. The first pic is of the ion core (eneloop xx), but the other pictures are of something else that may or may not be as decent (or made in Japan). Amazon is good about returns and everything, but this deal may not be worth the trouble.

I am glad you caught that. I did not notice because I did not know about Turnigy. I incorrectly read Tenergy. My error, and I cannot use that test as any indication as to the worth of Tenergy.

I cannot speak for their nimh, but the (tenergy) rcr123’s and their charger lasted for years for my edc pd30 and their primary cr123’s were good too

I have both #1s AmazonBasics AA (Black wrapper, 2400mAh) and #2s AmazonBasics AA (White wrapper, 2000mAh). I like the black ones because of the higher mAh but both work well.