Best all round bright 18650 light

Just looking for ideas of the best all round single 18650 light for quality and power.

I’m looking for something powerful, possibly even direct drive on high. 1,2, or 3 modes preferable(H,M,L) with no memory if possible too. I’d rather not have too many modes, or strobe modes. 800+ otf lumens would be nice on high. The more the better.

A mix of flood and throw.

Something like a Keygos KE5, crelant V8?



XinTD C8 from intl-outdoor?

If I could sacrifice a little throw I’d go smaller so maybe the Roche or a Intl-outdoor drop-in, in a Solarforce host.

XIN TD 3 mode NW!
It gets my vote.

My favorite go to light is the Fenix TK21 U2. It’s build quality, appearance and balance is perfect. It has remarkable pure white brillance and throw for its specified output and has excellent uniformity of hot spot. But most of all, it is small but not too small. It fits the hand very well and the two switches make for good ergonomics. It even is easy to use wearing gloves. And it always works.

There is a 20% off sale currently going on at There is 20% off on Fenix and JETBeam flashlights with coupon code 552c8ad602 That works out to a super deal at $76.

IMO would be tough to beat the UF-980L. It’s H-M-L, fairly compact, and depending on the battery you choose it can be quite a powerhouse.

UltraFire UF980L from Manafont, $43. Best all rounder. My favorite light. 3 modes well spaced with memory. Nice pocket friendly size, well made. Bright with good throw and spill. Looks and feels great.

Did you say “like a ke-5” because you have one and want something different? If not, the ke-5 is great. Got two from the keygos site. No probs with a dim ke-5 from that source. If not, hmmmmm, depending on budget, Uniquefire C10 (cheep) or HD2010 (more expensive). Xin TD is fine also.

I have an inexpensive 3mode light. Not sure of the make as its an off brand, but it’s 3mode 3cree LED and has a swivel dial to go from flood to a pretty powerful thrower. It charges from the light itself either in the car or in the house from the wall. It came with an ultra fire Knock off battery labeled uitra fire. It’s a 18650 3800mAh 3.7v li-ion protected. I love this light. Very bright on high and low and the strobe is super fast. Blinding and stunning in a tactical situation. I did not pay much for this light at a flea market and wasn’t expecting much but was shocked at what I got. The model is BW-8202. I can get the make when I am home around the box. I can post pictures if anyone is interested.

I’m about to modify a poor ke-5 bought direct from keygos, its a lottery, xintd gets my vote, never heard a bad thing about them.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Flood is more important than throw I guess because with that many lumens I’ll get all the throw I need.

I don’t have a ke5, but like the look of them.
A p60 based light is an option. I heard the manafont drop in is direct drive on high?
I’d just need to make sure the switch could handle the current.

At the moment I’ve only a few lights. My brightest is 600 lumens or so, so I’d like something a fair bit more powerful for those occasions where you hear something outside, but that could also possibly serve as a dog walking light in the winter.


>>>>>I’m about to modify a poor ke-5 bought direct from keygos

RATS!!! Can you tell me when you got that one? I got mine about a month ago. I was about to order a couple more for friends who for some reason can’t do it themselves …. erggggh. I don’t want to get stuck with bad ke-5s. I think I will back outta this favor.

The UF 980L does look good.

I believe this light is 500lumens. One can never be too sure however. I don’t have many lights aside from a 2c mag with led conversion, a rayovac 140lumen indestructible and this no name 500lumen 18650 so don’t have another 500lumen to compare with.

It’s for another member, so given the turn around, max 3 months ago, his second works, but only on unprotected cells.

Another good light is the keygos m10 package, cells light and charger, its c8 size but 26650, I love mine. :bigsmile:

Ok thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I did think about 26650 lights, but would rather stay 18650 so I don’t need to buy a new battery type at the moment.

I was wondering if a Solarforce M3 could work with a driver mod to give about 3.5A on high?

i was gonna recommend the hd 2010 as well, but when you said you wanted something that can serve as a dog walking light, it may or may not be a bit on the bulky side.
you can decide for yourself.

second choice would be the 980l, third would be kaidomain c8

This one here doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it’s one of my favorites (I’ve been through maybe, 50-60 flashlights). It’s well-made, small-ish and can be ordered in different tints/modes etc. Best of all is the price, $35.95 :slight_smile: It’s more of a flooder and puts out a great spread of light. The best thing, for me though, is the well-spaced power levels - and added to that is the fact that Int’l Outdoor has always given me good and reliable service.

BanglaBob that does look like a nice allround light. Perhaps a review might get it some more deserved attention…. :wink: :wink:

Honestly, I wish I could. But I’m a non-technical person. Don’t know my amps from my volts :stuck_out_tongue: . I can take decent enough photographs, though.
Maybe just some beamshots compared to 1 or 2 other lights. Btw, it was the under-stated looks of the LXP that attracted me. It just looks really functional and neat.