Best option for a compact zooming flashlight 1x 18650

I need to replace my romisen rc-c8 as i gave it to a bycicle enthusiast who liked it very much.

Was looking at this one:

The price seems ok, the emitter is kind of weak, the main issue could be the lens size. What are your opinions?

Doesen't matter if it's push pull or twisty head design.

Definitely the MXDL SA-28.

It's my brightest thrower. I have 2 Romisen RC-C6 (Q3 and Q5), X2000, and various other cheap zooming lights (Sipik SK-58).

This looks nicer:

It's from the same make, and edi-t is supposedly good. I'm probably going to get it sooner or later.

I have the mxdl sa-28, and while it's competent, I'm not that impressed with it. Another member here who has several zoom lights was pleased with:

I've yet to recieve mine from dx.

I should have specified earlier that flood is more important.

That MXDL sa-28 from kaidomain is supposedly a q5 nowadays? it does not suit my taste in aesthetics this one seems a q3 at best and some weird mode to operate the zoom.

Should i build my own with a r5 emitter?

Nobody has the equipment to test for bin and chinese makers tend to claim what they want. It doesn't cost any more to print q5 than q3 on the side of a tube.

There are a number of versions on ebay of the X2000 that includes both a battery cartridge and an extension ring to allow the use of both 3xAAA and 18650. Here's one of them:

Here's a brief cpf review on the particular one above, but there are several other variations on ebay as well.

Definitely the MXDL SA-28. You may also buy a 28 mm lens:

and put in a suitable P60 host with a R2. You will get all the throw you can ask for

My more powerfull x2000 type flashlight is the Tank007 737 and the second the MXDL SA-28.

737 has more open focus on flood than SA-28, but is most uncomfortable for screw to focus.

The SA-28 is very similar in power,more cheap and more comfortable to operate.

I also vote for the SA-28.

The correct word is not weird, but sophisticated. If you use it on a bycicle, you probably want a zoom, which remains there where you set it, even if you drive on a bad road. So, the w901 has some adwantage there. Yes, if it is flow you want, modding it to R5 would be a good idea.

That lens doesn't have proper focal distance on the p60 modules/reflectors I tried. The FL is a few mm longer than from the emitter to top of module.

The MXDL SA-28 is a twist (threaded) zoom or a push-pull zoom?

Already tried but never liked the artifacts. Besides that i'm looking for a good floodlight since throwers i have plenty.

I stand corrected. I'll probably give it a try.

Push pull. Personally I even prefer the c78 if you can get an original one (not dx's new crappier batches). I have one on order from LT.

Most of the zoom lights are not all that. I've yet to find one with perfect memory and good QC. Romisen is also in the mail.

Hopefully the edi-t ones are better.

I agree with that. I have experimented with an extra o-ring behind the lens, but

the result is not convincing. Sometimes I had problems getting the bezel mounted

if o-ring too thick.

I have put it on a Solarforce with a smooth reflector which minimise the artifacts and

I live with the FL as it is. At least its a cheap way to get that extra throw.

I tried with an OP reflector and it looks like a xmas toy. The 28mm lens also fell to the ground a few times and always some piece chipped off. Now it is almost "charming star effects 28mm glass lens for flashlight".


You can still paint the reflector in matte black to get rid of the artifacts of the OP reflector. But I guess this will not eliminate the "charming stars". LOL

An OP reflector is very bad with this lens. A SMO is better, and painted black must be quite useable.

I have not tried that myself.

Outside you dont notice the artifacts as much as indoors.

Does the MXDL SA-28 still come with metal o-rings? I ordered a Tank007 TK-737 about a week ago because I think it has normal o-rings and it looks like it's made better than the SA-28, but it seems like most people like the SA-28 more. Also, I can't wait to read a decent review of one of those new EDI-T 18650 flood-to-throw flashlights.

I might try one out.

I like only two versions: - probably - unlikely

If they were q5, driven at 1-1,2A regulated and hi/lo (wouldn't mind a 0,3Hz beacon mode) i would have already bought a dozen.

Another issue would be the lens diameter which i don't know how negatively would impact the flood and the loss of emitter side spill which doesen't get reflected out.