Best or Good Quality UV Torch

I’m want to buy a good quality UV torch for work….

Found this site

And the torch’s info looks quite interesting, but being new to UV torch’s I’m hoping some other members can pitch in with any other recommendations.

The torch in the above link weighs in at £34.99….kind of hefty and considering the circumstances the torch will be used in a lot to lose. That aside I’m prepared to pay for a quality item.


Looking forward to the responses. Kinda been thinking about getting a UV light myself. Not a professional level light like you’re looking for—just something hobby level.

One of the best UV flashlights is made by Convoy: Convoy S2+ black UV 365nm led flashlight.

It has a Nichia UV LED and works really well. Plus it’s on metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) so it can stay on for a long time without overheating.

You can also get a ZWB2 filter for it, but it does not help that much since the Nichia UV LED is that good.

We use it to find accidents left by our newest dog that still isn’t house trained. Hopefully after this summer he will be.

I’m very satisfied with it.


And only $15 when it’s on sale.

If the price doesn’t matter you could have a look onto the brandnew Acebeam X80-UV with 16 Nichia 276A LEDs. That’s probably enough UV to get a nice tan on one’s face. :smiley:

First of all, what wavelength do you need ?
365nm, 395nm ?

And what kind of use will it have?

According to Glowtec, the 365nm offers the best all round flouresence, and the torch will be used to check id’s such as licences/passports, check for drugs and occasional hygiene. More importantly the device needs to be portable and robust.

I’ve found this:

JAXMAN U1s Cree UV Ultraviolet 365nm 18350 3w Money Detector Torch C3 TK566

And the more expensive Nichia version

The Jaxman from a brief google search seems to be widely used and with the 2 pricing options, a potiential candidate.

An alternative to the Convoy S2+ Nichia UV is the LG Version: Convoy S2 LG UV 365nm

I would expect the output to be about 40% higher than the Nichia version, but floodier if I’m not mistaken.

Agree, I would 100% go for this one, quality, robust, unbeatable price and more output and less visible stray light than the Nichia version. (and way more output than that Starglow light).

The only thing that may be an objection if you are not familiar with them is that it uses a 18650 li-ion battery, it would require buying one plus a charger for it.

Interesting. That also comes with the filter. It’s my understanding that the Convoy using the Nichia LED is driving it very hard. I wonder if the LG version is more reasonably driven.

The LG led has a thermal pad and is more robust and can handle quite a bit more current than the Nichia 276A, especially if Convoy has used a DTP ledboard (I expect they did).

The LG version is driven at 50% higher current (1050mA vs. 700mA), but the LG led is larger and can handle that current. It’s like the difference between a XP-G/L and a XP-E.

Why it is so much cheaper than the one with the Nichia LED, if it’s better in every way??

The Nichia led itself is relatively expensive. The LG led is quite new. The Nichia 276A is several years old but at that time it was state of the art for its price . I’m not sure how Nichia will respond to LG and other manufacturers competition when nowadays you can take a cheap led with good output and filter it.

The Nichia 365nm leds are unique in that they produce very little visible stray light, which for some applications (like when you use the 365nm light to induce visible fluorescence) is a big advantage.
But since the 365nm leds in flashlights are combined with UV-pass filters (the ZWB2 filter usually), this advantage of the Nichia’s has become irrelevant and a high output led with lots of visible stray light like this LG led is the better choice.

I have the Convoy S2+ and the Jaxman U1.
The Jaxman has a lot of visible light and doesn’t show as much UV effect as the Convoy.
I removed the filter on the Jaxman and I didn’t see anymore UV, just more light. Try the Convoy.

OK, also found the CountryMan S9 UV Ultraviolet 365nm 18650 5w SVC Korea LED Torch+ZWB2 Lens

100% Brand New, Original CountryMan Product
Seoul Viosys CUN66A1B UV LED Bulb - 5w wavelength 365nm
Digital Current, Constant Drive Circuit
Reverse Polarity Protection
Durable aluminum textured reflector
ZWB2 Glass allow UV 365nm pass with double Side AR Coating Lens
On/Off button at bottom cap
Powered by 18650 rechargeable Battery (not included)
Runtime 55mins
Waterproof IPX-6 Standard
Impact resistant 2m
Size: 117mm x 22mm

I’ll easily buy from overseas but would prefer to have something at hand soonish……Any recommended UK sellers

4 more 365nm UV-leds tested

The specs of the Coyntryman light sound good but it will be no better (perhaps worse) than the 17 dollar Convoy with LG UV-led.

Looks like a (distant) relative of the Jaxman U1 , also sold by HKEquipment.
Different brand of led, other specs are pretty much the same.
Not a bad light: if you are ready, willing, and able to pay more.