Best or Good Quality UV Torch

Ordered the LG Version: Convoy S2 LG UV 365nm, good price and $4 off from AliExpress....

Also JAXMAN U1s Cree UV Ultraviolet 365nm 18350 3w Money Detector Torch C3 TK566

I’ll probably buy the JAXMAN U1s, perhaps not the best but a spare until the Convoy S2 LG arrives.....

I see the Jaxman light in that EBay listing takes at least two weeks to arrive, which suggests that it’s not actually in Ireland. There’s a good chance that the Convoy light you’ve ordered on AliExpress will arrive just as quickly. Convoy stuff usually takes about 3 weeks to reach me here in Scotland.

Hello Djozz, I want to ask a question, LG UV LED that sells simon, can be used with 1400 mA controller? I plan to use a S2 convoy as a host, (I already own it), I want to use the lantern for curing uv resins, in the tying of fishing flies, thanks for your reply greetings

If the OP allows, I’ll ask 2 questions here (as a newbie); if not, I’ll delete it and open a new thread:

1. What is the use of the ZWB filter?

2. Such a light would help find the defects of an oil painting? And what if I would want to take pictures of the painting lighted with that UV light, would I get something?

Thank you.

Didn’t Jaxman have a single AA 365nm light with ZWB2 filter?

ZWB2 filter blocks the visible light coming from 365nm lights.
That way you only see what is excited by the 365nm UV light.

I can only answer 1)

UV leds, especially 365nm leds, apart from the intended UV light, always emit some, usually unwanted, visible straylight. For curing glue and such (these leds are usually used in industry for curing stuff) this is no problem but for ‘forensic’ use that stray light often masks the fluorescence light that you are looking for.

Nichia 365nm leds have only little stray light and should be more suitable for forensic use, but there are cheaper 365nm leds that both have more output and are more robust, and a ZWB2 filter transmits most UV and blocks all visible stray light so that problem is solved.

Regarding the oil painting. UV might reveal things in a painting that aren’t obvious when illuminating with visible light.

What it reveals will fluoresce as visible light, which you should be able to capture with a camera, given a slow enough shutter speed.

Recently I picked up the LIGHTFE light via amazon and it seems quite good. Pretty powerful and almost no visible light. Also bought some protective goggles… My intended use is hardening NOA61 adhesive.

Thank you, Jerommel, djozz and eas for the answers!

I just received the Nichia Convoy S2+ from gearbest. It was 22.95 on flashsale. It puts out enough UV that
wearing protection for close up or long time use seems mandatory to me. I ordered a cheap chinesium zoomy AA cell
uv light which puts out quite a bit of white light. It cost 9 bucks delivered which after using the Nichia powered
beast seems like a ripoff. I will use the Convoy for florescence experiments and also rarely to cure UV curable
plastic. I was worried that it might not be strong enough for curing use but initial observations make me think it will really
work well for this.
I do not see the need for a filter on it’s output either. It works great as is. I use colored plastic glasses in a few different colors
to observe different types of florescence. Deep red glasses work great to see chlorophyll emit a deep red glow!
A 465nm laser makes it glow nicely too!

The Convoy exceeded my expectations for output power and fit and finish is stellar for 23 dollars delivered.
Nicest UV light I have ever owned powered by a LED. I think it is a bargain!

Highly recommended!!! Wear protection. All of my plastic glasses block it very well.

I wonder how you can detect drugs with a UV light?

About a decode ago a gadget was developed in the US whereby LEO’s used ultraviolet light to detect trace amounts of chemicals left by methamphetamines and other illegal drugs.

Quinine is one drug that has bright fluorescence. Get a bottle of tonic water and it will fluorescence this bright blue with your flashlight

I did not know about quinine. Thanks you for that!

Perhaps some glowing gin and tonics are in order!


I have one of these too, which appears to be a re-brand of the UV-AA01 from Tank007.

Definitely the brightest AA-battery light out there.

Just be forewarned, UV exposure reduces the anti-malarial effect of Quinine. But then, G&Ts, glowing or otherwise) shouldn’t be the start and end of your malaria defenses.

what Amp does the LG convoy run at?.
what is a good 18650?

That’s what I am talking about! My Convoy works great to light up locust firewood too. It is a bright yellow green. The more freshly cut the brighter.

Removing splinters is much easier with a good UV light. It is amazing how many are lodged in my hands. I only burn locust so they light up very well!

Excellent find cistercian. I was unaware of this but a little searching shows that it is well known within the woodworking community:
And see this link too. The things you can learn on a flashlight forum!