Best P60 drop-in for SF L2m with multiple battery types?

I have five or six L2 series lights scattered about the house. Most of which carry the venerable Manafont 5720. very happy with performance/price ratio.

If i am not mistaken, i should not use this drop-in with two CR123 batteries in the new L2m’s i have bought (and intend to gift). love the drop-in from international outdoor but would like to find one cheaper as they are for giving away. Looking for the P60 with the most latitude.

probably been answered before but the answer seems obscure, so thought i would post the question. thanks.

I just got (like 2 days back) my first Solarforce, a 2012 L2M with a Solarforce XM-L U2 3 mode drop in. No idea how it stacks up to other p60’s, but I’m certainly impressed and happy so far.

glad you are happy. unfortunately i feel solarforce drop-ins may be the weakest point in the system.

reliable but underdriven. was just going to see if anyone had other suggestions. thanks.

While you are right about them being underdriven, they are not reliable.

Scaru ?
Maybe a spelling mistake?

Not a spelling mistake. I have had one break and E1320 recently said that he has had a lot sent to him to be fixed.

Ok, thanks for clarifying!
Good to know!

unreliable AND underdriven.

so what do i use?

You could try making your own. :) Or just get a XP-G drop in. Those seem to be more plentiful and will work much better on cr123s. The max discharge rate of CR123As is 1 amp so I don't think an XM-L drop in would work very well anyways.

For what it is worth, I had one let go with less than 5 minutes of total runtime (not all at once). had a similar converstion with E1320 as well.

Hello all, I’m looking for a really bright HI single mode only P-60 drop in for a Solarforce L2P. I have the recommended Manafont 3 mode drop in with a forward clicky switch and I need it for a tactical light for work. I need to be able to turn it off and on without clicking it or changing modes. Thank You very much for any info or direction on where to go. As for the current P-60 I am using, everytime I slightly press the switch for momentary on it changes modes. Maybe I;m doing something wrong. Thanks All

Hi sickofitall !

(Do you know sick of it all from NY, great hardcore band ?)

You’ve done everything right, this is how a forward clicky works, I just learned this myself yesterday :8) .
Too bad I can’t recommend an ultra bright single mode drop in, because I don’t know one, most people using the 3 mode versions I guess.

What do think about a custom build drop in, these are not that expensive.
Maybe you can ask E1320 via PM or directly in this thread.

You can always get something like THIS while waiting for an XM-L single mode that handles a wide range of voltage (3-18v or something). With your L2M, if you want to power with a single CR123A, you’d need a drop-in that will run from a min of 3v. Likewise, if you want to be able to do 2x123As, you will need a drop in that can handle at least 6v.

Personally, I run my L2M and 501a on 18350 li-ions (3.7-4.2v). Seems to be a great balance between performance and run-time, and gives me more choices for drop-ins, like a single mode UltraFire XM-L T6 or U2 - which I don’t even have yet but am considering for a weapon-mounted light.

I’m loving my E1320 drop-in. Will be getting more in the future. With one of these in my hand I am able to do all the modding I care to do lol. Plus, I can tell folks I mod lights & not be lying (too much)heHe


Yes I for sure know them. One of my favorite bands. Been listening to them since 1992 or 93. BANE is my all time fav. Thanks for the info, I will check into to contacting E1320. I’ve read a lot of good things about his drop in’s.

Hi sickofitall.

Manafont got a single mode version of the xm-l in stock, reading the customer ratings show that it is not as bright as the 3-mode version.
You’re the only one who knows how bright that drop in needs to be.

There is also a no-name P7 single mode drop in on manafont.

I'll say it again; Solarforce flashlights are da bomb but the modules I have from them that have not yet failed (I think I'm 3 for 5 now) are seriously under-driven. I've got a killer XP-G drop-in that absolutely smokes every Solarforce XM-L I have.

E's supercharged XR-E gives a SF XM-L a bright red bottom.


If the OP wants a simple single mode Drop-in for gifting to friends here are a couple of other options, perhaps not a “budget” as the MF drop-in but both are well made.

This is an XPG emitter unit. Like all LF drop-ins its nearly bomb-proof and it is underdriven [1A] for long life and easy on batteries.—9-Volts_p_3800.html

This is a 3 mode drop-in, very well made. LightHound dropped the single mode TN version some time ago.

And a well made & reliable XR-E based drop-in.

a bit “old school” for flashaholics but it will still impress those folks that believe M@G is the top-of-the-line flashlight.

These single mode 3-18volt KD XML U2 drop ins are an incredible bargain. They have really nice tint about a 1C tint very white but no blue at all. They pull around 2.5 amps about 7-800 lumen at all voltages they are a little brighter at 13 volts than at 4 volts. They are very durable also and will handle firearms mount. I actually had one on my 12 gauge for a while and put a couple dozen rounds down range with it attached and they still are going strong. I honestly can’t even build these myself for this price and highly recommend them.

Ordered two of the OP versions .