Best prices on Nitecore lights!

I can't get over the fantastic prices on Nitecore lights at Fasttech as well as the growing selection. I've already ordered an EC1 and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. Prices are the cheapest I've seen anywhere. Here is what they have so far:

Nitecore model Price BLF price
T0 Nichia single mode (1*aaa) $9.35 $8.88
T2S R2 (1*AAA 3-mode) $18.05 $17.14
SENS CR R5 (1*CR123A) $22.59 $21.46
SENS Mini (1*CR2 3-mode) $22.56 $21.43
SENS AA R5 (1*AA 3-mode) $22.65 $21.51
SENS AA2 R5 (2*AA 3-mode) $27.42 $26.04
T5S R5 (1*AAA 3-mode) $28.79 $27.35
EA1 R5 (1*AA 3-mode) $38.47 $36.54
EC1 Explorer XP-G R5 (1*CR123A) $38.00 $36.10
EC25W Cobra (XM-L U2 860LM 8-mode) $51.57 $48.99
EC25 Cobra (XM-L U2 860LM) $55.00 $52.25
MT40 XM-L U2 860LM (2*18650 3-mode) $53.80 $51.11
P25 XM-L U2 860LM (1*18650 7-mode) $65.89 $62.59
EA4 (4*AA 8-mode) $69.95 $66.45
EA4W (NW 4*AA 8-mode) $69.95 $66.45

I know we have some Nitecore fans here. Has anyone tried any of the SENS lights? Apparently it works by tilting the light to change output and activate the light. Sounds similar to the Maglite XL interface used in their 3*AAA lights. If so, is it a gimmick or does it work well?

Any chance nitecore has d-10s in inventory still? I’d pay full retail for a couple.

<————- FAN

I love my EC1, it’s my EDC

My tracking info shows it finally hit HKP I should have it in 7-10 days now. Very excited!


Sorry mine is a EA1.
Same UI
In fact I love all my Nitecore.
The build quality is amazing.

Can’t wait for the EA8!

The D10 is the only Nitecore light I own, but I love that thing!

I have the Nitecore Sens AA and works exactly as advertise. A nice little gadget :slight_smile:

Turn the light on while pointing its head towards the ceiling and it will enter the magic mode and luminosity will automatically change depending on where you point the light.

Turn the light on while pointing its head towards the floor and it will enter the low mode -continuously

Turn the light on while pointing its head in front of you and it will enter the medium mode - continuously.

Nice lights, shame about the nasty letters to suppliers whilst trying to take as much money as possible from us. For that reason alone I’ll pass on NiteCore.

I love my nitecore “Sens CR” and my Mt1C, MT1A, EA4, but undoubtedly my favorite is the “Sens AA” :8)

(Everyone who sells something try taking your money)

Good to hear the SENS works as advertised. I'm going to have to try one someday. As for pricing and them trying to control it, it sure hasn't stopped FastTech from selling them at highly discounted prices. Before FastTech the best price I found on an EC1 was $52. FastTech carries it at my request and blow away the competitors at $38. FastTech is Pimp!

if fast tech is able to stock the new tm26….

Make a request on their website. Use their “ticket” system. They really do reply. I’ve requested three lights and they were added within 30 days….

You should put an asterisk after the EA4 price since there is a special coupon code for that light

Whats up with that?

I personally believe it’s Fasttech’s competitors whining to Nitecore that Fasttech is selling the Nitecore’s at a price they can’t - or don’t want - to match.

Supposedly all merchants have an agreement with Nitecore that sets a “minimum price” at which Nitecore’s lights are to be sold OR advertised - I’m not clear which it is. (I’m curious as to what that minimum price would be, aren’t you?)

However, I suspect it’s the advertised price that’s the issue. But other merchants have gotten around that problem by offering promo codes that reduce the price, or by revealing the price only when the item is placed in the shopping cart.

Do I have that right??

what is the coupon code to get the BLF prices?

The EA4 went up $20 at Fast Tech?!

For USA residents still interested it can be had from Amazon for $69 including shipping, not to mention $70 at various other local outlets, such as BatteryJunction and ebay

Goinggear has it for around $62 with 10% coupon.

Yeah I was starting to look at the shops that offer coupons since it seems ~$70 is the going rate right now :slight_smile:

Aimkon is another but it’s currently not in stock. I think you can get it for around $60

Now I’m mad I didn’t jump on it when it was being sold for $46 from Fast Tech |(