Best SBT90.2 VALUE thrower? -125$

Hello everyone, first post here.
Im looking to get a SBT90.2 baby and wanted to ask for some advice from you all!

So far I have a Sofirn IF22A, also my new member just received an hour ago: my Convoy L21B, and I am waiting for a Convoy Z1 to arrive (I know, zoomies are not the best, but its a gift for my dad who loves zoomies)

So, whats the best -125$ SBT90 thower for me?
in order of importance:

  1. Max Output+distance
  2. Max output sustain
  3. Quality/durability (dont wanna spend 125$+shipping to Costa Rica and see how it dies within some months)

Im not a modder or anything, just a guy who’s just starting to like flashlights and want some good output+range power but not wanna spend sooo much on a flashlight/hobbies (for now lol)

EDIT: So far Ive seen the Convoy L7 and L8 (but cant figure out which ones better), Wurkkos TS30S (also Pro version - but I see some call the Pro version the less good one), Noctigon K1, Convoy 3X21D SBT90.2… and IDK if I’m missing any other good thrower…

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I think Convoy nailed it with 3x21D

Look it up, i think you will like it.

Coming in at close second

Convoy L8

There are many others but those two are nice.

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My vote is for the Wurkkos TS30S Pro – costs about half of your budget, comes with wondrous Anduril plus AT1616 MCU and easily accessible flashing pads, for maximum firmware flexibility/customizability (a sine-qua-non for me), and has been consistently well reviewed. I don’t currently own it, but have it in my sights for quite a few months now and will eventually get one.

The biggest con for you is that its maximum output is sustained for only a relatively brief period (>= 3000lm is sustained for just over a minute), but I don’t think there are much better options ITR.

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Just added an edit but I’m at work so it took some time to finish it, but yup, I have both 3x21D and L8 as my best options, but now I’ve seen this TS30S lately and it doesn’t seem bad at all, the thing is which ones the best? that’s what I care the most, won’t hurt paying double for 3x21D if its at least 20% better.

It’s a pleasure to know you, xNightReaper!
Here’s a website about some SBT90.2 throwers, though it hasn’t been updated in a while:

Ive been thinking about this one, it seems like the TS30S is the budget SBT90.2. Will think seriously about it! Appreciate it :slight_smile:

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If money is no object: from what I found during my own research I think that currently nothing can beat the Wildtrail WT90:

It costs about twice your budget, tho:

EDIT: except OFC the even more expensive Acebeam K75: K75 High Power Flashlight|AceBeam® Official Store | Flashlights, Tactical Lights (but it has no Anduril awesomeness).

I missed that you’re in Costa Rica.
Decades ago, my mom dated a guy that wanted to move to and retire in Costa Rica because apparently it’s inexpensive to live there.
I’m glad that didn’t happen because although I took 2.5 years of Spanish in junior high and high school, I barely know any Spanish. :man_facepalming:

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@raccoon Thanks! Ive seen you here before, great to see u. Will take a look into that list :slight_smile:
EDIT: Oh no, Costa Rica is TOO expensive right now, mainly because of corruption and tariffs to bring stuff in. Mostly techonology and food have gotten quite expensive lately, most people from the US here complain about it nowadays… For example, an iPhone that costs 1000$ in the US costs about 1500-1700$ here… lmao

But I wouldnt change CR for no other country, ironically, I love it lol

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That the prob I dont really like the idea of spending more than 125$+shipping for something that will likely be be eating dust for a long time lol - but ty Ill check that WT90 up, look cool and powerful lol. Btw, love K75 but its like 3 times my budget : (

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Spanish is a hard language, specially when compared to English. Ask me how I know… :smiley:

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I’m right there with you – which is why my main interest is in the most frugal option (the TS30S Pro). The WT90 and specially the K75 would be very nice lights except for the price (and re: the K75, the fact it doesn’t run Anduril).

That’s too bad, sorry to hear it. I’ve only heard nice things about CR until now, specially cost-wise – kinda disappointed to hear the opposite specially since it was in my own list of nice possible places to live, but as always it’s better to know than to know not – so thanks for the info.

The Wild Trail would be my first choice but at $250 thats price gouging. Twice as much as it was last year.

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Psh, if money is no object?

[US$427.00 25% OFF]Astrolux® MF05 SBT90.2 7500LM 2,500,000CD Powerful 18650 Flashlight with Cooling Fan 3162m Long Range Super Bright LED Searching Light Flashlight from Lights & Lighting on banggood

Otherwise, TS30S Pro

Convoy 3X21D and L7 are both really great for sub-$100 lights with this emitter. Depends which form factor you like better.

I had the TS30, and IMO, it was a poor host for the SBT90.2 because it just didn’t have enough thermal mass. It got burning hot in your hand very quickly at 100% output. I don’t know what’s changed with the TS30S, but it’s about the same size, so I would expect similar thermal management issues. Sure, you could turn the brightness down, but let’s be honest…that’s not why you buy this particular emitter. Full blast or nothing. (It’s green at lower brightness levels anyway.)

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I picked up the WT90 last year for around 140, my favorite for sure :slight_smile:

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I have 2 cell Jkk90 (similiar to convoy l7 but cheaper, without tail switch and its shorter) from kaidomain and wurkkos ts30, jkk90 is amazing, ts30 is meh, i wouldnt buy it again or recommend it, 1 cell with small host is not the best idea for this monster LED.

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I don’t have either of these, but on paper I’d definitely give it to either the L6/L7 or 3x21d in that price range. Using cells in series with a buck driver is without a doubt the best way to drive an sbt90 as far as regulation and efficiency go. But efficiency might not be as much of a priority with 3 21700s, the FET is of course going to have a brighter turbo, and that’s kind of the whole point of an sbt90. On the other hand, with 20amps that buck driver is no slouch either. On the other other hand, at 20amps how much regulation is that really going to get you.

It’s too close to call

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I not much of a fan of using cells in serial due to probable and performance-robbing (and potentially dangerous) imbalances in IR etc between them. I think it’s much better to use them in parallel with a boost driver (if a higher voltage is needed) instead.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any multicell lights (and I’m not overly anxious to buy one either, due to cost, size and the above complications among other things) so my knowledge of the subject is entirely theoretical and I might well be missing something.

Hope he doesn’t mind, but here’s a link to @Funtastic’s video comparison of a few SBT90.2 torches you might find of interest.