Best single 18650 for EDC?

Hi all,

New to the forum, and the amount of information is staggering. :slight_smile: I’m looking for a good single 18650 for EDC. Priorities are lots of light (duh), a clip, and affordability. Probably will be used in more emergency type situations, so heat management is not that important.

Also a plus if I can buy from a seller on Ebay. (though I have used dealextreme in the past with good results.)

Sorry to ask the question. I searched, and was overwhelmed with the results.

Buy a Solarforce L2P and a Manafont T6 3 mode dropin .

A lot of forum members have this very combo and we all like it .


Your search is over .

Well that’s no fun :frowning:

Buy a couple DX lights, then buy a couple premium lights because you think they will “cure” you, THEN buy one of the many lights people suggest you buy in this thread. Much more fun!

This one?

Plus this?

I’ve got a stock Surefire 6p somewhere. Is the Solarforce L2P just a knock of the 6p body? Could drop the Manafnt T6 dropin in and be set?

thanks for all the help.

I believe it's this dropin ...

Is your Surefire 6P bored for 18650s ?

Because the Manafont dropin is only rated for 4.2 volts , you can not use two cr123 batteries .

I just got a Sipik SK73 from Manafont for $11. Caveat is that you should take it apart first thing and make sure the star board is firmly affixed to the pill, because if it comes loose as one member here has found, it smokes the emitter. It is very compact for a 18650 powered light and is a zoomie with a clip. XM-L T6 emitter. I bought one and have not had problems with the emitter so far (have had it for 5 days). Unfortunately DX doesn’t seem to have this one (yet).

Welcome to the family, Synro!

I just bought an ultrafire uf h6. Has a headband to use it as hradlamp, has clip and uses xml & 18650. Also has nice mode settings.

ZL H600

I noticed XTAR released a new 18650 EDC light the WK35, how about that one?

I just bought a new L2M Solarforce, love it, but way too BIG to EDC for me. It’s a pocket light certainly, but not compact and only for carry in a coat or jeans.

I can recommend my own personal EDC light. An EagleTac D25LC2 twisty. It’s very very compact and easily fits in a pocket (shirt pocket, trouser (sorry pants :wink: ) or jacket pocket.

I also love the clip, it’s mounted right at the very end of the light, so is ideal for deep carry. Having other lights with the clip mounted part way along the body or with a shorter clip, I can honestly say I’ll only EDC this basic design from now on. The deep carry clip is the BEST feature of the light IMO.

Ok maybe the EagleTac isn’t the most budget offering, but it’s not silly money either. It can also run on 2 x CR123A or 2 x RCR123’s.

It’s pretty bright too, 343OTF lumens and with really good throw for it’s size (mines the XP-G version). Heat isn’t an issue, it gets warm, but in max turbo mode it’ll gradually step down to high automatically to regulate heat.

The UI is ok, I’m not overly fussed by low modes, but it goes Low -> Med -> High -> Turbo and has hidden disco modes (which is nice as you never see them unless you want too).

Build quality is superb too.

Size comparison, it’s narrower and not much longer than the AA powered SIPIK SK68

Some beam shots

If you fancy looking a little more premium take a look at the new Niteye EYE15. Very similar design to the EagleTac in terms of shape and size, but uses a magnetic control ring and offers up 500 lumens via an XM-L.

Thanks for the information. very helpful.

Best 18650 light is the Shiningbeam S-Mini
with optional clip


UF-2100 is good — better with Erik’s 105c driver mod. I’m surprised no one brought it up yet.

Roche F12. :wink:

Do you have a link for the 105c mod? (I’m new to the modding business :slight_smile: )

What E1320 does is he reprograms the board with a program he made.

The Ultrafire UF-T50 is a great EDC, offering small size and infinite brightness adjustment in an affordable package.

It's a good budget take on the Zebralight concept.