Best Single AA flashlight for 2017/18 ?

Look for the Jet Beam E10R AA / 14500 built in charge, although it has been reported the charging function will not fully charge an 14500 . For Ni-mh it works. JetBeam also has the E01R AAA size with charging function.
This is a description I’m not endorsing any particular vendor

i have a $10 nicron UV 16340 light, it is well made, though i would hate twisty for regular carrying


so….the Jetbeam aa/14500….which battery wont it charge fully? i see conflicting reports

Looks nice otherwise!

The only reports I read were about not fully charging 14500’s.

thank you :+1:

bummer, i probably liked that one the best

According to this review by Enelooper it’s fine with Li-ion 14500s but undercharges Ni-MH AAs (backed up by Trevi_lux) - [REVIEW] JETBeam E10R 1xAA USB Rechargeable Flashlight

However, this Bc412’s sample massively undercharged Li-ion 14500s - Jetbeam E10R Review

Bc412’s light was undercharging so much I’m wondering whether it was defective, rather than a poorly designed charging circuit.

The charging issues and cool white LED have put me buying one so far, but I like my other JETBeams so much I’ll probably get one eventually.

Where did you buy the UT01 for $9.99?

I found this light once more:
Two for $10.55

This flashlight was delivered on January 11, 2018. It has become my all around favorite light. I chose the neutral tint option. It is a warm tint. So if it matters this is my current favorite AA/14500 flashlight.

Hm, have you considered the FW3A Groupbuy?
It’s a 18650, but verry compact, SK68 like. The design is not quite fixed.

In the AAA/10440 form factor, i’m very partial to the Ultratac K18. Possibly the brightest in it’s category, very well made and nice to look at. A USB charger add-on is also available - which is a must have to charge small cells at a moderate current not always possible on most charger.

Wow the Ultratac K18 in that website has a Nichia option. Even Ultratac’s own website doesn’t even have that. The XP-G2 version runs at 110 lumens on AAA. I wonder which Nichia emitter it uses and which tint. I would buy it if it has 4000k or 4500k tint as I really want a good AAA or AA nichia warm/neutral light.

I just got my Lumintop Tool with the 219… quite nice!

I’m not a fan of AAA lights, so I never got any Tools before, and this is my first, pretty much only because of the 219. Think it’s a 4000K 219BT, maybe 4500K, don’t recall offhand.

I didn’t know the Tool AAA came with nichia, I reflowed a 219C into mine and the result is quite nice (except for the medium > low > high UI), and once I choose my favorite AA light it’s getting another emitter from my dead D4

I also have two lumintop tool AAA that I recently bought from bangood but their color temp is more like 5000k. I was hoping for warmer temp

Hmmm. Was thinking it was just H→M→L instead of L→M→H. It “resets” to M after enough off-time? That’d suck. I’d rather have true memory, or if no memory, start on L.

Guess I didn’t play with it long enough…

Fwiw, that’s one reason I never bothered with OnTheRoad lights, ’cause they all seemed to start on M. They look quite nice otherwise.

Oh yeh…

Wow thanks for the suggestions Patmurris and Joechina!
Awesome looking lights.
I know my wife would love the Ultratac K18 (maybe even the FW3A, and if not, its mine lol).

Thanks again!

Maybe the driver changed? Listings on GB, BG and AE are not the most reliable to check UI, and I’ve read in other thread somewhere that the copper and titanium versions have a different mode order. Maybe AE only had older stock and they have since updated the driver of the aluminium version

I emailed hkequipment regarding the type of nichia emitter and tint. They responded
It is 4000k. Thanks .
I’m assuming it is 219c 90cri 4000k.

I ordered it is the only place that sell this light with the nichia option and it is stainless steel so should look nice.