Best thrower below $40?

Hello all,

I am planning to get a thrower within the V6’s price range, below 40USD. V6 is what i have in mind
Any recommendations?

Thanks :wink:

I think the other option if you want an XML and in that range is a hd2010, around the same price (cheaper in fasttech, but you need to replace driver)

Thanks for the prompt reply, the hd2010 looks cool but i do not know how to solder?

The HD2010 is good. Small Sun ZY-T13 and ZY-T08 are even lower priced and are decent throwers.
I have to add the HD Defiant super thrower 3C in there. At $23 it can’t be outthrown for less. US only though so not much help for you.

The v-6 seems like a nice light, but I’m not a fan of two-cell li-ion lights. The extra battery maybe adds a little run time but usually adds no brightness, but adds a LOT of potential danger. Still, I have several multi 18650 lights. Make sure you use matched batteries, same charge, same manufacturer, same drawdown curve. I only mention this because you may be a little new to this. (then again, maybe not.) The V6 also takes three CR123s. That’s one combo I would never do, though.

My vote also is for the HD2010 and Small Sun ZY-T08.

But relic38 is right-on. The BLF killer thrower of the month is the Home Depot Defiant super thrower. Its modding potential is now just really being explored. Even stock, nothing I have can outthrow it. And a steal at $23.

It weighs about 2 pounds with packaging. I just weighed one for you. (that’s probably one of its few downsides. It +IS+ a beast.)

For 2.5 pounds to Singapore, it’s $27.95 via first class international (cheapest mail rate available), which brings total cost to $51.

The light’s good, but I don’t know if I would pay $51 for it. Then again, I might. It really is one heck of a thrower.

What do you guys think? Would you pay $51 for the HD super thrower?

Thanks for the advice, Ubehebe. I dont think i would pay $51 for it(beyond my budget :D) I am looking at the SMALL SUN ZY-T08, the designs are actually not bad… I dont know which is better, the T08, HD2010 or the V6?

The Defiant light is my best thrower. Beats my HD2010 pretty good. Have done a few mods to it and more are on the way.

Could posibly maybe be worth it.

>>>>>>beyond my budget

Yeah, budgets are always a problem. Without the postage, it would be the no-brainer top pick, but a couple thousand miles adds a few bucks :wink:

>>>> I dont know which is better, the T08, HD2010 or the V6?

I personally would go for the T08 or HD2010 also because of the size. And since fasttech’s hd2010 is underpowered, I might go for the T08. But if I could find a top-notch 2010, I’d go for that as a first choice. The Hd2010 is not a teeny EDC, but then again it’s also not a V6, which won’t fit in just about any normalish pocket.

>>>>>Could posibly maybe be worth it.

The more I think about it, to me, it would DEFINITELY be worth $51 it if the super thrower took a 18650 or 26650 instead of c cells. I’d definitely do $51 for that. That giant head looks way cool with the small A8 battery tube subbed for the 3 c cell monster.

True but the reason why its over the budget is because i spent quite a bit on the king and the J18… The T08 looks cheap and good but is there any place that sells a top-notch HD2010? Thanks!

That’s some great lights! King and J18! Looks like you start directly from the top, so you save money by not collecting the intermediates. Welcome to the addiction!

Well, I ordered two HD2010s, one from Tmart and another from FastTech.

Tmart’s one had some problems initially but thanks to help I got it to work, but the hotspot was ringy, due to emitter not aligned with the reflector (trial and error but still couldn’t get it aligned)

FastTech’s one had a more concentrated hotspot, but the weird thing is the 26650-to-18650 converter pipe is glued to the pill, maybe the assembly line people got it wrong. And luckily I did not get a low-driven one.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I dont think i should get a under-driven one… Do you have a link to the HD2010 tmart page?

Here it is

This is the exact same link as in this review

But between that review and my purchase was some time difference away. I got a no-logo version contrary to the pictures in that review.

The Jacob A60 should be considered also. It doesn’t have as much spill as the hd2010 or other XML throwers, but it will out throw them. Our HD2010 tests in the 52k range which is very respectable, but we have two A60’s that measure in the 72k range. And they can be bought for under $20.

I did propose him the a60, but edited it because is not in the range he mentions. I supposed he prefer more lumens or bigger spot

Buy the FandyFire STL-V6 from FastTech for like $37 shipped. That will be your best bet for throw and spill for the price. From my findings it will out throw the Jacob A60, too.

Just got the Fandyfire V6 from Fasttech 2 days ago. I was comparing the V6 with my Thrunite catapult V2 XML last night and the V6 beats it by a hair in throw with less donut hole on the V6 too. Plus better tint and multimode. I was using fully charged 2900mAh AW’s and fully charged Panasonic 2900mAh’s. :heart_eyes:

Be careful buying these long Panasonic protected batteries from fasttech, the 2900’s I just bought barely fit in the V6. Takes all the springs have to get the tailcap screwed on all the way seated. They are over 69mm, my AW 2900’s fit better, not so tight.

I want to thank ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS for recommending the STL-V6. I was reading posts and you compared the V6 to other throwers, and that’s why I bought it. I do not regret it…. :bigsmile:


It’s hard to beat that flashlight for the money. Just a little under the olight M3X and about the exact same as the Olight SR51 in throw.

I’ve got the Fandy fire v6? Which ever, it is good, I’ve also got a zy-t08. Depending on what I’m doing would determine what I take, the zy-t08 is much more convenient to carry and really doesn’t fall that far behind the stl-v6 in performamce, its also dead easy to up the output considerably if you wish too.

I don’t see how you could go wrong with either to be honest, its more od it better for you for the light to be long and slim or short and fat?

Edit, Fandyfire’s in the middle, zy-t08 is on the far right.

The FF STL-V6 would be your best bet. The Defiant is amazing for the money. The Leica AR Microscope glass Lens gives it about an 8% boost, which is noticeable in brightness and tint. Other tweeks make it a monster. The King is an Ultrafire T-90, but they are almost impossible to find, 9+ amps and three/four 26650s…