Best Thrower under $7

At least I think it is.
I was doing some amp draw testing last night and just going thru some lights and stumbled across this light which I bought over a year ago.
She throws Very well, kinda like a Jacob A60 Junior.

She has a nice tight hot spot and just a few rings up close.
Draws a respectable 2.20 amps with a good battery.
Has the dreaded next mode memory, but also has a nice deep reflector and overall good build quality.
For under $7 shipped I know of nothing better and it is not a zoomie.

Please note, the light linked is not the the seller I bought from but I do believe it to be the same flashlight.
Now that I have found a replacement I may try to mod this puppy and bump up the amperage to around 2.3 amps and get rid of the next mode memory.
If anyone else has this light, please chime in.

For $7… Err… Err……… Ahhhhhhh. Tearing up trying to resist so hard.

Can you post some picks of the innards so I have to buy it (pill, inner tailcap) reflector actually aluminum?

And some notes;
Reflector looks to be plastic but well finished, at least it can’t short out your emmitter:)
Tail cap switch is screw in with retaining ring.


This one has the brightest and most focused beam I´ve seen so far. It´s waaay more focused than the Sipik 68 beams.
I bought it for, dunno 3 USD or something.

I ordered one of those also, have not got it yet.
I have the same type of light without the extender and with a 18500 she has very good output so I am hoping this new one is even better.


Thank you for the pictures; I think I’ll get one. It reminds me of my MH40.

I must’ve lost the lottery on that one then; mine is a bit less bright than my sipik sk68, and has an identical beam on spill. It does focus down a bit more, but also goes past full zoom which I find a bit annoying. It’s not bad for $3.50 (iirc).

Nice find Muto. I couldn't resist and ordered one. Thank you

Also an update, my original one pulled 2.02 amps on a freshly charged Trustfire Flame. Took it outside tonight and it smoked one of my better C8’s that draws 2.5 amps.
It throws further but has less spill as expected. Still one heck of a performer for the money.
When I got my original one over a year ago I know I paid close to $10. Nice to see the prices come down. This light seems to be a rare bird. All the ones on Epay seem to be the same seller under different names but with same pics and descriptions.

Now, we’ll see if it gets here before Christmas:)

Arrived in great condition, since I soldered the leads internally on my DMM I am now measuring a high of 2.20 on both the new one and the original with a good unprotected Sony battery.
The threads on the battery tube are a little sharp on the new one, will have to take some emery cloth to it and dress them slightly.
Beam pattern looks the same as the first one as well, so it is nice to see they are consistent.

Now that I have a spare, it think will be time to try and crank up the amps slightly, first I am going to try just soldering some braid on the driver spring and tailcap spring and see if that ups it any.
Need to go get some solder tomorrow.
I finally ordered a soldering station and some helping hands, probably should wait till that arrives, we’ll see.

ImA4Wheelr, do you receive your’s yet?


Ordered mine on the 23rd*, shipped 24th, still waiting.

I think that was my first budget light. It brings back memories. I must be crazy getting emotional over a flashlight.

Got my new soldering station and some helping hands today and first order of business was putting some braid on the long Driver Spring on this Flashlight.
Used some braid from a 1/32 Slot Car guide flag that I had laying around, was a little wide for the job, but I made it work.

Instantly bumped up the amperage by .43 amps, free power!
Now drawing 2.63 amps which is probably just about perfect for the Q5 emitter.
This little light continues to amaze me for $7.


I received mine… initial impressions are that I’m not too fond of it. :\

Seems to have a permanent clip which I’ll have to cut off. Threads are rough and jagged, but plentiful. Tube walls are pretty thick. Output is about a 40% wider hotspot than my A60, but with fewer artifacts. It looks overall… a bit blah. I despise the fully threaded pill housing that only tightens from the top and is very loose.

For $7 it’s about 6.5/10 for me.

It seems I’ve been pretty unlucky with the Chinese flashlight lottery these past few purchases. :frowning:

My driver spring was rattling around inside of the tube; they couldn’t solder it on properly.

So, how far does it throw?

Mini/Junior Jacob A60 was a pretty accurate description.

A60 left —- Mini right.




Taking a another look at it, I would say it’s worth the $7. I’m not sure I’ll keep it loaded though.

What is that in feet/meters? :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea. :smiley:

The distance the flashlights are from the ceiling is 5 feet though. I have no light meter currently. :frowning:

I got mine tonight. I have to say that I like it. It looks good and has lots of places to hold it by. Like the clip and cigar hold. Anno seems decent to me. Reflector is deep.

It has much fainter spill (but about the same diameter) than the Jacob A60. The hot spot is bigger in diameter. At least 2 times bigger (didn't measure). So it's not as intense, but it looks good and light up a bigger area. The overall beam has less artifacts than the A60. There are a couple good sized dark rings on the outer edge of the spill that are noticeable on flat surfaces. For most of my usage, this beam more practical. It's not really fair to compare to a Jacob though because it has a much smaller diameter reflector.

After removing the protective plastic film from the lens, throw measured at 28kcd. I threw on an AR lens, but throw only increased to 29kcd. Not bad for it's size. Tail cap current was 2.5 amps. Need to mod out the next mode memory though.

Seems like a good choice if you want a low cost pocket thrower that is more compact than a A60. Thanks for reporting this light Muto.

I appreciate a critic . lots of people just want to be nice and the truth somehow gets washed down the drain .

Sorry about your bad luck lately with lights but appreciate your honest opinion.